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Sovenstein was a micronation located in Hull England and around the world that was fascist. It ruled under 3 leader under 9 years until it was annexed by the Delphian Union.

King Carson Smith February 4, 2009 - September 24, 2011

Aiden Schmidt September 25, 2011 - January 3, 2019

Christopher Williams January 3, 2019 - January 3, 2019


On February 4, 2009 Carson Smith decided for change that he can control so he decided to create Sovenstein. It started out as a monarchy as King Carson Smith. for his whole time the country was very stable and remained a neutral country. Until one of his citizens rose up to power and gained about a fourth of the country's population consent. This started troubles for the king and led to the Sovenstein Civil War. On May 5, 2011 the FR[fascist republic] made their move on the city of Godesta with 21 soldiers against the defending 7. it was a 35 minute battle and the FR moved closer to the capital city. The second big battle happened less than a mile away form the capital city of Corton. The FR won the Battle of Stuvèr and many citezens fled the country. But the National Army fought on. The Battle of Corton was a 2 day battle and after intense fighting King Carson Smith surrendered to Aiden Schmidt to stop the fighting and Smith was forced to fleed the country and the fascist took over the country. Many people tryed to throw him out but his army became a strong force of 63. Schmidt gained close relations to Tentacion who believed in fascism also. They became one of the greatest micronations in England. Until King Carson Smith of New Sovenstein declared war on Sovenstein on March 18, 2013. He was more stronger than expected and pushed through the Sovensteinian lines taking everyone a P.O.W soon Sovenstein gained help from their ally Tentacion. But New Sovenstein couldn't be stopped and on June 1, 2013 they reached the capital and it was a rough fight that lasted 3 days with a crushing blow to both sides but ended in a suprising Sovenstein victory and a treaty was signed that said Carson Smith could never have a micronation again. Sovenstein lost half of their citezens from fleeing. They became very unstable over the years. And lost their economy. They didn't find support from anyone and lost their whole population. When everything seemed to be lost they came up with a idea to make everything go back to normal he gave half of his land to Peoples Republic of England for 100£. It got the boost his country needed. And brought his citezens back they were better than ever. Problems started to stir again in late 2018. When Stedfast took some citezens to his country by propaganda and then Sovenstein annexed them illegally and that started the dispution between Sovenstein and the CAS.