Micro-National Allied Treaty Organization

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Micro-National Allied Treaty Organization
Intermicronational organization

Anthem N/A
Headquarters N/A
Chair Aydan Dillon
Vice-Chair Archie Birch
Secretary-General N/A
Chief Justice N/A
Chief of Staff N/A

Official languages English

Motto Homo V Societas
Man Vs Society

Full members 2
Observers 0
Foundation 20 December 2018 (revived 10 May 2020)

Budget N/A

The Micro-National Allied Treaty Organization, legally known as MNATO, is a diplomatic and economic micronational organization. The first version of MNATO was created on 20 December 2018 but went inactive for a large period of time until revived on 10 May 2020 by the State of Malinovia.