United Land of Noastan

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The United Land of Noastan (Noastanean: Üňïþëđ ĺæñđ œf Ñœæňđ) is a democratic micronation formed and led in the UK.


The United land of Noastan was founded on the 18th of November 2018, by Supreme Leader Rozaman.


So far the United land of Noastan has been in 5 war since it was founded

(1) The War for Land

(2) The Great War of the Hegatrean Empire

(3) The War of Lueingrad

(4) The SMK War

(5) Sovensteinian War

Military Strength

The United Land of Noastan's military is divided into three branches; Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Branch Equipment/Personnel Notes
Army 23 soldiers Split into two "battalions"
Navy 2 kayaks Both kayaks armed with air rifles.
Air Force 3 drones 2 equipped with cameras, one named "Microdrone" used for distracting the enemy.


Noastan is a democratic micronation, with 3 political parties:

(1) People's Party

(2) National Party

(3) Worker's Party

Fun Facts

The United land of Noastan has 42 citizens.

The currency of the United land of Noastan is called the Noastanean crown.

1000强 is roughly equivalent to £1.

The national animal of Noastan is a buggy, and the national food is instant ramen.

The capital of Noastan is Briony Gardens. They currently have influence over 5 towns.