Organization of Islamic Micronations

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Organisation of Islamic Micronations
اسلامی مائیکرونیشنز کی تنظیم (Urdu)
Organisasi Mikronasi Islam (Indonesian)
• Secretary-General
Saleh A.H
Ibraheem I
• Vice-Chair
Noor Alyarish
• Foundation
12th March 2024
• Current Charter
12th March 2024

The Organisation of Islamic Micronations (OIM) is an intermicronational organization established on March 12th, 2024. Founded by Saleh A.H and Ibraheem I, the OIM serves as an organization for micronations with Islamic affiliations to engage in diplomacy, cultural exchange, and cooperation.

Organizational Structure

The Organisation of Islamic Micronations (OIM) is structured around two main entities: the General Assembly and Specialized Committees. Proposed amendments to the Charter may be initiated by any member state. Approval of amendments requires a two-thirds majority vote of the General Assembly.

The undersigned, as duly authorized representatives of the founding members, have signed this Charter of the Organisation of Islamic Micronations.

General Assembly

The General Assembly serves as the highest decision-making body within the OIM. Comprising representatives from each member country, it holds the authority to approve major initiatives, amendments to the Charter, and the admission of new members. Each founding member retains the right to veto the admission of new members.

Specialized Committees

Specialized Committees are established within the OIM to address specific areas such as economic cooperation, cultural exchange, and security. These committees work to explore opportunities, promote relations, and foster development in their respective areas of focus.



Flag Name Member since Currency(ies) Capital(s) Head of State
Republic of Olov 12th March 2024 Olovian Basil Van Engels Saleh A.H
Emirate of Shaheenistan 12th March 2024 Ibraheemi Riyal Shaheenistan Ibraheem I
Sultanate of Selatan 14th March 2024 Singapore Dollar Changkat Changi Noor Alyarish
Qintiistan Darussalam 16th March 2024 Qintiistani Shilling Oya Seri Omban Faisal bin Muhammad
Islamiyyah Dunjakistan 20th March 2024 Dunjak Ujar Alleria Abubakar Ibrahim I
Kingdom of Ajdinland 13th April 2024 Sejlar Ajdingrad Ajdin Sejdinović


Flag Name Observer since Currency(ies) Capital(s) Head of State
Republic of Kartal 19th March 2024 Kartal Lira Kartal Doruk
Free Socialist State of Paloma 11th April 2024 Paloman dinero Paloma City (de facto) Aidan McGrath
Islamic Emirate of Besonia 12th April 2024 Besonian Kaantal Misol Ran DB
Islamic Emirate of Recanesia 15th April 2024 Moravskjan Vels None Muhammad al-Murafski I

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