Union of Islamic Micronations

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Union of Islamic Micronations


Official language(s)
Short nameUIM
- Secretary GeneralNabil Ihsan of Indokistan
EstablishedJune 1, 2014

The Union of Islamic Micronations is a political organization established under Islamic background and basis since June 1, 2014. Its members are limited to micronations which have numbers of Islamic citizens, and its observer and membership status are determined on the number of Muslims from each nations.


The organisation name are translated to each official languages, from its members. Official usage in internal use is English.

  • English: Union of Islamic Micronations
  • Bahasa Indonesia: Persatuan Negara Mikro Islam
  • Persian: اتحادیه ریزکشور های اسلامی
  • Malaysian: Kesatuan Negara-Negara Micronation Islam
  • Malaysian Jawi: كساتوان نڬارا-نڬارا ميكرو اسلام
  • Turkish: Musluman Kuçuk-Devlet Birliği
  • Arabic: اتحاد الدول الإسلامية مايكرو
  • Hasani: Mуcлумaн Күчүк Биpлиги
  • Bascal Malay: Kesatuang Negaghe-Negaghe Micronation Islang
  • Viadalvian: Unionje daz Jislamic Nationzes
  • Russian: Союз Исламских Микронаций

Structure and organisation


The term majlis is an Arabic word related to "sit", which the word itself means "a place of sitting" - used in context of council. The majlis name is used for each assemblies of UIM.

Until this time, there are two majlis inside the organisation, which is the General Majlis and Islamic Studies Majlis. The General Majlis are used to discussing politics and related things, while Islamic Studies Majlis specialised on discussion about Islam and its contents.


As decided by the General Majlis, the organisation allowed micronations with even small Muslim representatives on one micronations to become its member. Observer status achieved by nations which have 10%-25% of Muslim citizens on one micronation, while membership status achieved by micronations have its Muslim citizens higher than that.

Until this time, there are six member nations, with its secretary general originates from Indokistan.

List of member nations

Nation Joined Notes
Bbd.jpg Republic of Arkapura June 1, 2014
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Federal State of Indokistan June 1, 2014
Hasanistan.png Hasani Federal Republic June 1, 2014
Schalamzaar-flag.png Schalamzaar Empire June 1, 2014
Bascal flag.jpg State of Bascal June 1, 2014
Lostislandflag.jpg Federal Republic of Lostisland June 1, 2014 Observer