Gerontocracy of Arkapura

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Gerontocracy of Arkapore
Kaseupuhan Arkapura
Flag of Arkapore
Emblem of Arkapore
Motto: Idealis, Gumujeung, jeng Taat ka Agama
Idealist, Religious, Sociable
Anthem: Urang Arkapura
The Arkaporeans
LocationWest Java, Indonesia
Largest largest cityKota Arkapura
Official languagesSundanese
Recognised national languagesBahasa Indonesia and English
Ethnic groups
Sundanese (96.9%)
Javanese (3.1%)
Islam (100%)
GovernmentUnitary constitutional monarchy
• Chief of State
Tian Abdurrahman (last)
LegislatureParliament of Arkapore
2 March 2012
• Union with Indokistan
16 September 2012
6 January 2014
• Reformed into Arkapore
26 February 2014
9 September 2019
• Membership status revoked by AIM
8 October 2019
• Area
3.211 km2 (1.240 sq mi)
• 2017 estimate
GDP (PPP)2018 estimate
• Per capita
CurrencyArkaporean Artos (ART)
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62
Term "Barakstan" redirects here. For other entities known by name "Barakstan", see Barakstan (disambiguation)

Arkapura' (sometimes spelled as Arkapore), officially the Gerontocracy of Arkapura (Sundanese: Kaseupuhan Arkapura, Indonesian: Kesepuhan Arkapura) was a micronation located primarily in Java, Indonesia and minor territory in Burkina Faso. It was founded by Tian Abdurrahman after declaring Barakstani independence from Indokistan and reformed his micronation afterwards in January 2014.

Arkapore was known for its strong Sundanese culture influence, an unique feature among Indonesian micronational community, with recognition of Sundanese language and adoption of gerontocracy as example. Arkapore also had significant influence in Indonesian sector and Southeast Asian micronational community, expecially inside Association of Indonesian Micronations which Arkapore became its member from January 2014.

Arkapore was disbanded immediately after the death of its leader Tian Abdurrahman in 9 September 2019, as no known successor replaced him as the leader of Arkapore. Association of Indonesian Micronations only recognised Arkaporean dissolution and removal from the organisation in 8 October 2019 as convention.


The name Arkapore derived from two Sanskrit words arka (आर्क) which is an adjective to describe things related about sun, and pura (पुर) meaning "city", thus meaning "city of sun". In Indonesian, the name is translated into "Arkapura" with the same etymological root.

The term "Kaseupuhan" refers to the rule by elders prevalent in traditional Sundanese culture. The term thus translated into "Gerontocracy" in English. The term was used to describe the ideal state of Arkapore of being ruled by respected elders on its activities.

The Arkaporeans sometimes referred themselves as "South Indokistan" (Indonesian: Indokistan Selatan), referring to their historical statehood inside Indokistan from September 2012 until January 2014, and also to refer the exact location of the country, which was south of Indokistan Proper. Tian Abdurrahman claimed that his decision to reuse the Indokistan name was to symbolise friendship between both countries after Arkaporean independence.

Other names

Arkapore had been known in several names before Tian Abdurrahman decreed the official adoption of the Arkapore name. Those names were "Barakstan" which was of Arabic origin meaning "blessed land"; "Bobodolands" which referred to the location of Arkapore in the Bandung subdistrict of Bobodolan; and "Dacoen" (/datʃun/) which referred to an ancestor of Tian Abdurrahman.


Arkapura is a former state of Indokistan that established in September 26, 2012 and seceded from Indokistan in January 5, 2014. Located in Indonesian city of Bandung, the location is based on the former micronation of Western Bobodolands Federation and currently become the base of the independent Barakstan.

Principality of Tianlands

Principality Tianalands founded in 2011, claimed a bedroom of Prince Tian Abdurahman I and a park in the west of his house now call as Kleinstaad Hill and Tian Generations Place as a territory, the principality was diestablished in 2012 after Federation of Western Bobodolands established

Western Bobodolands Federation

Federation of Western Bobodolands in the form on 6 April 2012 after the dissolution of the government principality Tianlands, indokistan federation composed of four states of Dacoen, Tarwann, Losfield and Assyaid Darussalam and 5 overseas territories such as Altinia in Albania, Northwest Territory in Burkina Faso (now Saint Justin), Zuhriddinstan in Uzbekistan, Lui in Laos and Grand Aulys in Namibia.Bobodolands short-lived and join Indokistan

Join With Indokistan

The first status of Bobodolands Barakstan as Indokistan territories were started on the establishment of Federal Republic of Indokistan together with Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam and Republic of Indokistan in September 26, 2012. Since Barakstani status as part of Indokistan until January 2014, they has succeeded to create an important development, and once praised because its great activity and initiative in the parliament. After Indokistan turns federal once again Barakstan became one of its state. Secession from Indokistan on January 5, 2014 has once again, creating a new independent Barakstan as Arkapore.

Since 26 February 2014, Barakstani government decided to rename their country as Arkapore (Arkapura in Indonesian). Before that, they also renamed their area from Dacoen to Barakstan, because oppositions from citizens to use that name.


After seceded from Indokistan, Barakstan become monarch after Having previously failed to establish the Islamic Republic of Barakstan and renamed being Arkapura because Residents assume name of Barakstan not addressed Indonesian sense. It only takes a month to arkapura to be accepted in the international arena and Arkapura to be member of AIM & MASA.

Referendum 2014

2014 Arkapura Constitution Referendum will held on 29 May 2014 to determine constitution of Arkapura, a referendum was proposed by the Arkaporean National Party in the Parliament and approved by Captain Regent as a Head of Government and Royal Council of Arkapore as Head of State. In the referendum, peoples of Arkapura will decide them future, it'll be still monarchy or not.


Government in Arkapore is led by a chairman as head of state and head of government that is elected from Royal Council member for five years. Peoples Council of Arkapore being the centre of Arkaporean direct democracy.

As micronation with populations entirely Muslim, Arkaporean government declared Islam as the official religion. Arkapore also gradually adopts several Islamic law on its governance and policies, with its goal to implement Islamic law on entire policies and convert it as true Islamic micronation. The committment to establish this law is high despite of failure of its predecessor, Islamic Republic of Barakstan, to executing the same program.


Arkaporean citizens, with their strong pride of Sundanese culture, adopts several principles on their way of life. This principles represent their believe that these values are existed in every human life. Those values are "Welas asih" (loving each others), "Undak usuk" (good family), "Tatakrama" (good behaviour), "Budi bahasa jeung budaya" (good language and culture), and "Wiwaha yudha naradha" (hostile behaviour humans always show before trying something new).

Geography and Climate

Arkapore River

Arkapore is located on Indonesian city of Bandung which has tropical climate. It has a dry and wet season, with minimum temperature reaches 28 degrees and the highest is 33 degrees celcius.

It has a size of 0,0018 kilometre square, making Arkapore the smallest micronations in Indonesia. Arkapore territories dominated by landmass, and existence of water body are estimated 1% of the territory.

The highest point of the Arkapore is Kleinstaad hills in Balungbang Regency, which is located at an altitude of 668 meters above sea level. The lowest point is in Duck Basin in Balungbang, located at an altitude of 667 meters above sea level. Arkapore river passed the country with only 30 metres on its total length.


Various types of grasses dominated Arkaporean landmass, with very little number of trees located there, except in Balungbang and Basin region, which various types of plants and bamboos can be found there. Fertile region makes Balungbang to become the centre of farming activities in Arkapore.


Ducks and birds are main livestock in Arkapore, which made both animals an important breed. There are also several species of birds such as parakeets which become pet of some citizens. Ornamental fish, chickens and pigeons also are fairly popular animals as pets in Arkapore. Wild animals found only in Arkapore are sparrows, snakes, frogs, and lizards.

Administrative Division

Arkapore are divided into one special pakuan, five departments, and one autonomous territory. As capital of the country, Ciptahegar hosts several government offices and diplomatic representatives.


According to latest census, there are 32 citizens living in Arkapore. Ethnic groups founded in Arkapore are approximately 96,9% Sundanese and 3,1% Javanese. 100% population of Arkapore is 100% Sunni Muslim with various sub-groups, including the traditionals, moderates, until the conservatives.

Arkaporean population mainly speaks Sundanese and Indonesian, with several minor languages ​​also spoken locally, such as Javanese in Arkapore City. Arkapore made Sundanese and Indonesian as official language, with Sundanese Script as official writing system in Arkapore.


The average percapita income of Arkapore citizens reaches US$1423, with Fort Indokistan as the city with highest income, which gained above the national average - US$1938. Economic growth reached 9,3% per year. Populations relying their income on industry, services, agriculture and trade.

Economic centre are located in Arkapore Commerce Center. Central bank and a stock exchange located there. Main commodities in Arkapore stock index is Yaros Composite & The Ducks Composite. The commerce center is opened for all Indonesian micronations, and currently Arkapore economy cooperate closely with Omahkulon.

Foreign Affairs

Arkapore has cooperated with other micronations such as Hasanistan, Federal Monarch of Omahkulon, Indokistan, and others. Arkapore is noted as one of the most active inside Indonesian sector.

Arkapore is member of Association of Indonesian Micronations and Micronational Association of Southeast Asia. Arkapore was one of the founder of Union of Islamic Micronations and Micronational Association of Southeast Asia.


"Drawakarta" written with Sundanese alphabet

Arkapore citizens are known to be very proud of their culture by maintaining their Sundanese cultural aspects. Arkapore is a micronation with a majority population identify themselves as Sunda. Culture in Arkapore are influenced heavily by Sundanese and Islamic Culture.

Sunni Islam is practised in Arkapore, and traditional Islam influenced Arkapore culture. Several type of Islamic implementation can be found there, including the conservative, moderate, and traditionals.

Tourism, transportation and media

Small number of foreign citizens visits often to buy their needs in Arkapore. Arkapore has no tourism object, because of the small landclaims. Arkapore hosts a bus terminal named "Drawakarta Intermicronational Landport" in Drawakarta.

The Bewara Arkapura is the official news agency and government mouthpiece, with its headquarters located in Drawakarta. Bewara Arkapura also hosts several local channels such as "Arkapore City Times" and "Bewara Lokal Arkapura". Besides Bewara Arkapura, Indokistan News Network also runs in Arkapore after given special rights to reporting news there.

Arkapore, for several times hosts intermicronational contests with fairly positive respond, Tian Abdurrahman personal favorite towards that kind of contests burns more the spirit to held competitions every year. South East Asia's Top Micronationalist Politician 2014 and Top Micronationalist World Wide 2015 are founded by Tian Abdurrahman and hosted in Arkapore. The success of 2014 and 2015 contests bring possiblities that there may be another contests in 2016.