Arkapore-Indokistan relations

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Flag of Arkapore
Flag of Indokistan

Arkapore-Indokistan relations refers to bilateral relations of Arkapore and Indokistan, starting from the first contact made between both countries in 2011, and ended as Indokistan dissolved in 2016.

Compared to relations between other countries inside Indonesian sector, Arkapore-Indokistan relations were very complicated. Despite of everlasting friendly relations, both countries had experienced tense relations, especially when both countries clashed on different political principles, and during Arkaporean (and its predecessor Barakstan) separation from Indokistan. Indokistani perception of Arkapore were also highly positive, as Tian Abdurrahman significant contribution during his time in Indokistan was also acknowledged.


Barakstan (2011-2013)

First contact between Arkapore and Indokistan was made in the end of 2011, when Tian Abdurrahman, at that time served as the leader of Bobodolands Barakstan introduced himself to Mustafa Hakim, that afterwards introduced Tian to the Indonesian sector. Diplomatic relations between both countries was made official in early 2012, and cooperations soon followed.

Bobodolands Barakstan later decided to merged to Indokistan in April 2012 after a series of referendum, yet shortly abandoned the merger process and retracted its declaration of union with Indokistan. Barakstan later decided to rejoin Indokistan because of internal issues, and was accepted in May 2012. Despite of accusation from Indokistani citizens traumatised by the previous departure of Bobodolands, Tian was warmly welcomed by the authority, and was awarded a position in the cabinet of Mustafa Hakim as the minister of overseas territories.

Tian lated decided to left Indokistan again ini July 2012 after conflict with other cabinet members. Loss of significant Barakstani territories was indirectly caused the establishment of the Emergency Government of Indokistan in August 2012. During the formation of the Federal Republic in September 2012, Tian again proposed a merger with Indokistan as one of its constituent state on the new federation, which was reluctantly accepted by other constituent states, as Tian was again awarded a seat inside the new Indokistani Federal Council as the speaker of the parliament. Bobodolands, later reformed as Barakstan, remained in Indokistan until January 2014.

Arkapore (2014-2016)

Tian unexpectedly declared Barakstani independence from Indokistan as the Islamic Republic of Barakstan in January 2014, shortly after Aziziyah completed its unification process to Indokistan. Powerless to defend Barakstan from the separatists, Indokistani government agreed to recognise Barakstani. Indokistan and Barakstan later established diplomatic relations. As a sign of friendship and goodwill, Tian granted a part of Barakstani territory to Indokistan.

The newly established and fragile relations later turned sour when Barakstan staged a blockade against Indokistani embassy in Barakstani region of Providenciales and Los Baraya on 13 January 2014. Despite Tian decision to lift the blockade in 20 January, Indokistani government disappointment remained and during Barakstani confirmation vote for full membership on the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia in February 2014, Indokistani delegates vetoed the process.

After the turbulent times in early 2014, Barakstan, reformed as Arkapore, successfully improved its relations with Indokistan. On an interview in June 2014, Tian expressed his happiness on Indokistan that he recognised as his own family, despite the facts he never physically met his Indokistani counterparts. At the same month, Tian sent his personal friendship letter to Indokistan by post, that was replied and returned in July 2014.

Tian lamented Indokistani government decision on its dissolution, and expressed his hope that the dissolution would be cancelled. As Indokistan indeed dissolved on 5 July 2016, Arkapore-Indokistani relations were also terminated, with only personal relations between Arkapore and former Indokistan remained.

Post-Indokistan (2016-2019)

Personal relations between Tian and former Indokistani citizens, especially Mustafa, remained warm. Despite no longer engaged in daily conversation, Tian and Mustafa both had access to the Association of Indonesian Micronations general group, which enabled them to remain in touch.

Death of Tian Abdurrahman on 9 September 2019 severely shocked the community, especially Indonesian sector that regarded it as a heavy loss. Unfortunately, it also marked the termination on personal relations between both counterparts, as no other part of Arkapore had contact with the community at-large.


In late 2013, Indokistan News Network and The Bewara Arkapura signed a cooperation agreement that allows news outlets of both countries to publish news written by its counterparts. Arkaporean government also granted Indokistan News Network exclusive rights on news publication in Arkaporean behalf.

Mail system between Arkapore and Indokistan was connected in June 2014, when the first mail package from Arkapore successfully reached Indokistan. The first mail package from Arkapore contains a friendship letter written by Tian Abdurrahman, and formal diplomatic treaty written in Indonesian and Sundanese. In July 2014, Indokistan sent a return package to Arkapore, which contained a reply of Tian's letter and signed treaty.

Micronational organisations

Both nations are members of the Association of Indonesian Micronations and Micronational Association of Southeast Asia, and also founding member of the Union of Islamic Micronations.

In February 2014, Arkaporean vote for full membership in MASA was vetoed by Indokistan as aftermath of the Indokistani embassy crisis occurred in January 2014. It was explicitly declared by Indokistani delegate Farhan Abbas that the veto was a "vengeance" of Arkaporean action against Indokistani embassy beforehand, yet also explained that the veto was only a one-time "warning" and will not block further Arkaporean full membership vote in the future. On the next vote in March 2014, Arkaporean full membership vote in MASA was successful as all members voted for it, including Indokistan.

Country comparison

Gerontocracy of Arkapore Federal State of Indokistan
Population 63 34
Area 3,211.722 km 6.252 km
Capital Ciptahegar Suwarnakarta
Largest City Kota Arkapura Jumstraad
Government Constitutional monarchy Presidential federal republic
de facto language Indonesia
Currency Artos
de facto Indonesian Rupiah
de facto Indonesian Rupiah