Islamic Republic of Barakstan

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Islamic Republic of Barakstan
Republik Islam Barakstan
Flag of Barakstan
Emblem of Barakstan
Motto: Idealist, Religious, Sociable
Anthem: Barakallah
LocationJava, Indonesia
and largest city
Barakstan Capital Territory
Official languagesBahasa Indonesia
Ethnic groups
Sundanese (100%)
Islam (100%)
GovernmentPresidential Islamic republic
• President
Tian Abdurrahman
LegislatureNational Forum
• Restoration of independence
5 January 2014
• Reformation into Arkapore
24 February 2014
• Total
4 km2 (1.5 sq mi)
• 2013 estimate
GDP (nominal)2013 estimate
• Per capita
CurrencyIndokistani KistanRupiah (IKR)
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62
For other entities known by name "Barakstan", open Barakstan (disambiguation)

Islamic Republic of Barakstan (Indonesian: Republik Islam Barakstan) was a former micronation founded by Tian Abdurrahman in 5 January 2014. Tian restored independence of Indokistani province Barakstan, previously an independent Barakstan Federation, that was ruled by him. Barakstani territory was located in Bandung, Indonesia.

Barakstani establishment as an Islamic republic was short-lived, as Tian later decided to reform the country as Gerontocracy of Arkapore in February 2014.


The name Barakstan was already in use since 2011 as the name of micronational movement pioneered by Tian Abdurrahman. The name were used by the previously-independent Barakstan Federation until 2012, and later Barakstan state of Indokistan.

After Barakstani independence in 5 January 2014, Tian declared that the country would be renamed as Islamic Republic of Indokistan (Indonesian: Republik Islam Indokistan), and should also be known as "South Indokistan". The decision was motivated by his respect to the country history, as he recognised that his country was formerly a part of Indokistan, and wishes to retain its ties with Indokistan despite of its independence status. Indokistani authority criticise Tian's decision, and accused him of tokenism to allow their independence to be recognised by Indokistan.

Tian later retracted the renaming decision and reverted the name back to Barakstan, yet retained the moniker "South Indokistan".

Foreign relations

Barakstani independence was immediately recognised by micronations, especially inside Indonesian sector. Hasanistan and Bascal, among others, was the first micronations to sign a diplomatic treaty with Barakstan in 13 January 2014. Barakstan also attempted to apply membership to the Association of Indonesian Micronations and the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia.

Barakstani foreign relations with its former country Indokistan turned sour after Barakstani authority decision to stage a blockade against Indokistani embassy in 13 January 2014. After a heated dialogue with Indokistan, Barakstan agreed to lift the blockade in 20 January 2014. Indokistan later retaliated on the blockade by vetoing Barakstani application for membership on the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia in February 2014.


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