Islamic Republic of Barakstan

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Islamic Republic of Barakstan
Republik Islam Barakstan

Coat of arms

"Idealist, Sociable & Religious" (
Barak Alloh
Capital city Barakstan Capital Territory
Official language(s) Bahasa Indonesia and Sundanese
Official religion(s) Islam
Short name South Indokistan
Demonym Barakstanii
Government constitutional presidential
- President Tian Abdurrahman
Legislature National Forum of Barakstan
Established Establishment - January 5, 2014
Separated from Indokistan
Time zone UTC +7
National animal Duck

Official website

Term "Barakstan" redirects to the present state here. For other entities known by name "Barakstan", open Barakstan (disambiguation)

Islamic Republic of Indokistan (Indonesian: Republik Islam Indokistan), also known by its short name of South Indokistan, is a political simulation entity known as micronation that located in Indonesian islands of Java .



Government and Politics

Foreign relations


Administrative divisions




SOCIETY Symbol of Arkapore  • Official language  • Islamic Shari'a in Arkapore
HISTORY Principality of Tianlands  • Western Bobodolands Federation  • Indokistani Province of Bobodolands  • Indokistani State of Barakstan  • Islamic Republic of Barakstan  • Arkapore-Indokistan Confrontation  • State of Barakstan  • City-State of Arkapore  • Arkapore Conflict 2014
ELECTION 2012 Referendum  • 2014 Constitution of Arkapore  • Captain Regent Election 2014
DIVISION Drawakarta  • Arkapore City  • Kleinstaad Hill  • Balungbang  • Overseas Territory of Saint Justin Territory  • Kingdom of Wirasena
PEOPLE Tian Abdurrahman  • Justin Ouegraede  • Sri Baduga Maharaja Wirasena I
CULTURE & EVENT Dangdut  • Jaipong  • Rock n Roll  • Arkapore Tourism Week  • Star Arkapore  • Arkapore World Expo
SPORT Badminton  • Football  • Arkapore Cup
OTHER Arka Channels  • Arkaporean Airlines  • Arkaporean Digital Defence  • Drawakarta Terminal Transport