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Barakstan, the Abode of Peace
Barakstan Darussalam
  Former State of Indokistan  

Nickname(s): City of Referendums
Motto: Idealist, Sociable, Religious
Anthem: Barakallah
State Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
Merged into Indokistan 24 September 2012
Capital Barakstan Capital Territory
 - Governor Tian Abdurrahman
Population (2013 estimation)
 - Total 67
Demonym Barakstani
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

State of Barakstan Darussalam (Negara Bagian Barakstan Darussalam), or shortly known as Dacoenlands, was a state in Indokistan that was established in 26 September 2012, initially as a constituent part of the Federal Republic of Indokistan. The state was located in Indonesian city of Bandung, and was the base of the former micronation of Bobodolands Barakstan.

The state was known with its strong Sundanese cultural influence and was the strongest base of Indonesian nationalists. Its leader, Tian Abdurrahman was known for supporting Indonesianisation inside Indokistan, which he previously done in his home state. Barakstan had an agricultural economy, with rice and poultry as the most important commodities.

Barakstan was dissolved in 5 January 2014, as Tian Abdurrahman declared secession of the state from Indokistan. The former Barakstan region became the base of the independent State of Barakstan, later Arkapore.


Barakstan was established as an independent Bobodolands Barakstan that merged with Indokistan (and Al Rasyid Darussalam) to form the Federal Republic of Indokistan in September 2012. The Federal Republic later collapsed in October 2012 and was succeeded by the Third Republic - Barakstani government played important part on bringing the Federal Republic into its collapse.

Barakstan then changes name into Dacoenlands in early 2013. At the same year, Dacoenlands successfully maintain significant development in its economy, surpassing other administrative divisions. In February 2013, Dacoenlands had its region divided, with some cities separated to form new province of Southern Indokistan led by Susi Sopiani. Dacoenlands name was replaced by Barakstan again in December 2012, after several citizens opposed the usage of Dacoen name as the state name.

Barakstani government unexpectedly declares secession from Indokistan in 5 January 2014, shortly after addition of Aziziyah as Indokistani states. As a sign of goodwill, Barakstan then gives one of its landclaims to Indokistan. Seceding Barakstan later became the base for independent State of Barakstan, later Arkapore.

Geography and climate

Located in a tropical climate of Indonesian city of Bandung, Barakstan are slightly cooler compared by other Indokistani states and territories. It has a dry and wet season, with minimum temperature reaches 28 degrees with the highest is 33 degrees celcius.

It has a size of 0,14 kilometre square, making Barakstan the smallest state of Indokistan. Its territories dominated by landmass, and existence of water body are estimated 20% of the territory. The highest point of the state are in Sundapura Hills, and the lowest are Barakstan Basin. A river called Barakstan River passed the state with only 50 metres on its length.

Administrative divisions

State of Barakstan are divided into one cities and two regencies:

  • Barakstan Capital Territory - A city that serves as the capital for the entire state of Barakstan. Divided into two districts named Kleinstraad and Fort of Indokistan.
  • Balungbang Regency - Located south of BCT, has a large basin and bordered with Suwarnakarta district of Los Baraya. Divided into four districts called Balungbang, Basin Park, Duck Corner, and Ducklands.
  • Barakstan Regency - North from BCT, has a convention center and a city hall. Divided into three districts, which is Bale Ville, East Bale Ville, and City Hall districs.


According to latest census, there are 20 citizens living in Barakstan. Ethnic groups founded in Barakstan are approximately 90% Sundanese and 10% Javanese. The average percapita income of Barakstan citizens reaches US$900, one of the highest among Indokistani states.


SOCIETY Symbol of Arkapore  • Official language  • Islamic Shari'a in Arkapore
HISTORY Principality of Tianlands  • Western Bobodolands Federation  • Indokistani Province of Bobodolands  • Indokistani State of Barakstan  • Islamic Republic of Barakstan  • Arkapore-Indokistan Confrontation  • State of Barakstan  • City-State of Arkapore  • Arkapore Conflict 2014
ELECTION 2012 Referendum  • 2014 Constitution of Arkapore  • Captain Regent Election 2014
DIVISION Drawakarta  • Arkapore City  • Kleinstaad Hill  • Balungbang  • Overseas Territory of Saint Justin Territory  • Kingdom of Wirasena
PEOPLE Tian Abdurrahman  • Justin Ouegraede  • Sri Baduga Maharaja Wirasena I
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