Kingdom of Wirasena

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Kingdom of Wirasena
Kerajaan Wirasena


"Negeri bagi seorang pemimpi"
A nation for a dreamer
Karawang, Indonesia
Capital city Kota Wirasena
Largest city Astana Raya
Official language(s) Indonesian, Sundanese, and English
Official religion(s) Islam
Short name Wirasena
Demonym Wirasenese
Government Unitary Absolute monarchy
- Royal Council of Arkapore Tian Abdurrahman representing Royal Council
- King Sri Baduga Maharaja Wirasena 1
Legislature Dewan Kerajaan Wirasena
Established 10 September 2012
Population 20 Approximate number
Currency Indonesian rupiah
Time zone UTC +7

Wirasena, on its formal form known as Kingdom of Wirasena (Kerajaan Wirasena), is an absolute monarchy located in Indonesia, established on September 10, 2012. The government is an absolute monarchy, led by King Sena I as the supreme leader for the entire nation.

The nation later become part of Indokistan after an official declaration of merge was made by King Sena I in March 2013, thus dissolving the kingdom and the kingdom will become a division inside Protectorate of Arkapore.


Wirasena an Kingdom that was founded in 2012 and became one of the provincial autonomy in Republic of Indokistan, After being part of Indokistan, in 2014 Wirasena join with Arkapura, after Arkapura seceded from Indokistan. And now Wirasena being a protectorate of Arkapura and will held a referendum in July 2014 to decide a future of Wirasena, between being a part of Arkapura or being a Independent Micronation.


Wirasena almost the entire population is Sunni Muslim, the average of Wirasena Citizen are Sundanese. Sundanese culture very guarded and preserved by Wirasena citizens, residents Wirasena also speak the Sundanese


Head of state of Kingdom of Wirasena held by Captain Regent of Arkapura while the heads of government held by the King of Wirasena, Sri Baduga Maharaja Wirasena I. Arkapura Government taking over Defence and foreign affairs of Wirasena and the economy and other managed by local governments of Wirasena


Wirasena economy rests on the industrial sector in the city where there Wirasena factory run by the royal.

Administrative Divisions

Kota Wirasena

Kabupaten Astana Raya

Kabupaten Bungur Raya