Emblem of Indokistan

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Emblem of Federal State of Indokistan
Lambang Negara Federal Indokistan
ArmigerFederal State of Indokistan
Adopted13 February 2014
CrestRed star and cog wheel
EscutcheonPillar with fire on the upper part; rays from the fire on the blue background; book; grass
SupportersBrown semicircle figure representing rice

Emblem of Indokistan was one of the official symbols of Indokistan. It symbolizing Indokistani life and hope. All designs were made by Mustafa Hakim and already changes its major design for three times, the last version of this emblem were made in February 2014. Despite Indokistan does not claim itself as socialist, the emblem follows the socialist heraldry style.


First Emblem

The first emblem were made by Mustafa Hakim in March 2011. It consists of a green shield with the national motto "All for Indokistan" above a white star on a blue circle. On each sides, there were a wings consists of 4 feathers with colors of red and yellow. After the national motto changes from "All for Indokistan" to "Negara Abadi" (The Eternal State), the inscription "All for Indokistan" was replaced with "Indokistan" only.

Second emblem

The second emblem were adopted in October 2011. The emblem consists of a blue shield consists of a sun with its rays and 7 stars (Representing all Indokistani cities at that time) above the sun. A pair of wings and two Indokistani flags act as the supporter of the arms, and "Indokistan" word were inscipted to a ribbon below the shield. The emblem was replaced after the formation of Indokistani Third Republic in October 2012.

Third emblem

The third emblem were adopted in October 2012, featuring a sun with its rays, two torches that act as supporter, and a blue ribbon with "Indokistan" word on it. It had an opened book, a star with crescent, a green canopy, and a cogwheel.

The red star and yellow moon symbolizing harmony between Socialism and Islamism, two ideologies that become the basic values that uniting Indokistan, a green canopy above the sun rays means Islamic values will influence every activities done by Indokistani peoples and nation.

Sunrise and its rays means the new hope and life for every Indokistani citizens, 7 sun rays means the first Indokistani cities, and a cogwheel means the cooperation of citizens to build Indokistan. An opened book symbolizing actual reason in establishing Indokistan is to become a source of learning. Two torches means the hope and spirit of every Indokistani peoples on build a better Indokistan will never fade, it also symbolizing 2 islands of Java and Sulawesi, and the ribbon tied the torch means that the two islands were uniting Indokistan under one nation.

Fourth emblem

The fourth emblem draft was created in February 2013, and was made official in April 2013 after parliament members agreed on it. The first version consists of a brown semicircle object, a red star, cogwheel, triangular object, and a large book covering brown surface. The triangular object was a combination of a bold line, triangle, and circle that means unity, consistency, and integrity ideals - a values promoted by Dicky L. K. during his tenure as president.

Changes were made on 7 January 2014, which involves the removal of the triangular object and replaced with a pillar with fire, and reduction of size of the book. Another minor changes occurred on 13 February 2014, which features the change of the color brown (symbolizing soil) to green (symbolizing grass), removal of sun which made fire the only source of lights, and addition of texts to the book.

Features and Symbolism


A brown semicircle object, a red star, and 5-geared cogwheel together formed a circle that supporting the arms. Brown semicircle object represents rice and crop yield, symbolizing nature and farms in Indokistan, also with cogwheel represent hardworking peoples.


The shield inside the supporters consisted of an opened book, a sun with its rays, a green soil, and a pillar with fire in the center of the shield. The opened book represent the actual goal of the nation to become a place of learning and hope for more knowledge to be gain, a green shield behind the book refers to nature in Indokistan, and a pillar means the strength and fire symbolizing spirit.

Other usage

National Forum of Indokistan adopted its own emblem in 2014, with the national emblem taken as its template. Its supporters remain the same, but its escutheon was modified. The emblem features a balance scale, a gavel, a traty, and pair of swords. It also features the motto in Arabic which means "to conduct affairs by consultation", showing how the Forum runs.

After the dissolution of Indokistan on 5 July 2016, newly formed Suwarnakarta Institute decided to reuse the national emblem as their logo. The logo was a monochrome national emblem except for the fire. The same logo also previously used by National Archives of Indokistan. The monochrome color reflects the reality that Indokistan was no more, but the fire that remain colored symbolizes that the spirit of former Indokistan will always be preserved by the institute.