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Sultanate of Aziziyah
Sultanat Aziziyah
السلطنة العزيزية
Kesultanan Aziziyah
Motto: Eternal State
Ewigen Zustand
البلد الأبدية
Negara Abadi
Anthem: Hymn of United Aziziyah
State Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
Established 1 January 2014
Capital Al Majidiyah
 - Governor Sultan Aziz I
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Aziziyah, known by its official name Sultanate of Aziziyah (Kesultanan Aziziyah) was a state of Indokistan established in 31 October 2013 (26 Dzulhijjah 1434 AH) as a dependent territory, before it changed to its current form of Indokistan in 1 January 2014, and became the third state to declared its dissolution inside Indokistan on 20 July 2016.

Aziziyah was ruled by Sultan Aziz I as governor of the state, supported by Council of Ummah as an advisor for Sultan. Aziziyah runs under Islamic basis, which was unique among secular Indokistan.


Dependent Territory

Aziziyah was the dependent territory of Indokistan since 31 October 2013. Aziziyah received chances from Indokistani government to become one of its member without becoming its state, then decided to accept the offer.

Just week after the declaration of dependent territory status, province of Arabistan that opposed the dependency status of Aziziyah went rebel against the government, which led to chaotic situation. Pro-dependent status citizens later helps the government to prevent the riot and opposition made by rebel failed. After the defeat, Aziziyah still remain as dependent territory, and rebel forces of Arabistan left the country.

Addition to Indokistan

Declaration made by Sultan Aziz I on addition to Indokistan.

The dependent territory status was valid only for three months, which is until December 2013. After the expiration date, Aziziyah hold a negotiation on its status.

Negosiation between Aziziyah and Indokistan began on 30 December, when Aziziyah issued a document showing their detailed demand on the governance system Aziziyah must retain if they joined Indokistan. Internal situation and oppositions was reported, causing fear that the declaration of union may failed to be done as scheduled time, but that was not happened. Aziziyah declaration of union with Indokistan was announced finally on 1 January 2014 as scheduled beforehand.

Territorial expansion

On 20 April 2014, Sultan Aziz I declared territorial expansion of Aziziyah. Following the guidelines from the constitution, territorial expansion should be discussed on the National Forum, which was supported by all members, despite of its radical addition. The National Forum position on the proposed expansion let the Sultan to continue the territorial acquiring process.