Confederation of Indonovia

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Provisional Government of Indonovia
Pemerintahan Provisional Indonovia

Proposal Bendera Indovonia 9.jpg

"Unity through Diversity"
Allahu akbar
Jakarta, Indonesia
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Solovyovagrad map.png
Antarctic territory
Batesland map.png
Rose Province
Inside Burkland.
Inside Lurk Federation.
Capital city Jumstraad
Official language(s) Bahasa Indonesian
Official religion(s) Islam
Short name Indonovia
Demonym Indonovian
Government Semi-presidential Republic
Legislature General Congress
Established De-facto - 2 April 2012
Population 108
Currency NA
Time zone UTC +7
UTC +0
National drink Tea
Patron saint Prophet Mohammed
This nation is a member of the League of Countries, AMU, Association of Indonesian Micronations and GUM

Official Website

The Confederation of Indonovia was a trans-continental Confederation that was established in 2 April 2012 by Harry Fitzpatrick and Nabil Ihsan as a result of a Indokistan and Monovia agreement, and disestablished on 11 April later that month as Monovia became an SAR of Renasia.

Members enjoyed a large amount of political freedom, in a manner similar to the United Arab States, although Indonovia had its own courts and parliament, and was in effect a super-nation.


The name Indonovia was for the first time coined by Matthew Burklandssen in the discussion on the second day after the de-facto establishment of Indonovia.

The names are came after the combination of Indokistan and Monovia name, the "Indo" are came from Indokistan name, and "Novia" are came from Monovia. Although sereval new provinces have since joined, the name will still be in use, as it remembers when Monovia and Indokistan first united.


The history of Indonovia was start on 30 March 2012, when Harry Fitzpatrick sent a letter to the acting president of Indokistan, Nabil Ihsan on his MicroWiki talk page. He said on the letter that he want to discussing a merge with Indokistan. Nabil and Harry finally met on skype chat 2 days later.

On that chat, Harry finally showing his interest in merge with Indokistan, and after few days on discussion, Indokistan and Monovia finally merged. Few hours after the merge, Harry again proposing to Indokistani government to establish a union.

A few chats and finally ends in the formation of Indonovia. The government of Indonovia currently enters the provisional government system to preparing the formal establishment of Indonovia that suspected to be occures on April 28, as Nabil wants. It was later decided that Indonovia would take the form of a Confederation.

But in the middle of the process of the transitional government, Monovia finally declares himself that they will becoming the SAR of Renasia, the Indonovian project becoming uncertain, since the "most-enthusiastic" people - also the founders - Harry Fitzpatrick leaves Indonovia. Since that time, all states that joins the confederation later losing their interest to continue the project, ends in the ignorance of this project. The formal establishment on March 28 was never coming true, as before that, lots of the preparations were failed to be finished, when the state members has gradually leaving Indonovia.

In fact, the Raflesinesia government has just realize the end of Indonovia on early of June 2012, as they are missing the latest news about the dissolution of Indonovia. At the period of May until June 2012, even after the end of Indonovia, they still making a twitter account dedicated to Indonovia.