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Coat of arms
Motto: Forward onwards
Anthem: Sun Between Horizon

Satellite photo of Rethels
Largest cityBangko City
Official languagesBahasa Indonesia and English
GovernmentParliamentary republic
LegislatureLittle Parliament
Establishment1 January 2012
• Census
CurrencyRFRupiah, Urtas and Dollar
Time zoneUTC +7
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Raflesinesia was an Indonesian micronation founded in 1 January 2012 by a group of five friends led by Rayhan Haikal, together with Faiz Awanda, Arya Notoanegoro, Rifat Alridhan, Admiral Ibrahim and Bintang Perdanakusuma. Raflesinesia was a parliamentary republic with Rayhan Haikal as the prime minister, and was located in Jakarta and West Java, Indonesia. Raflesinesia was an economically advanced micronation, specialized in business of agriculture and industry.

With its relative short age, Raflesinesia successfully brought a significant influence inside Indonesian sector. Beside on its broad diplomacy, Raflesinesia was the pioneer of LIR Union together with Indokistan and Los Bay Petros in August 2012. In April 2012, Raflesinesia also was the third member of Indonovian Confederation, together with Indokistan and Monovia.

Raflesinesia was reunified into Indokistan in 2 February 2013,[1] and was reformed as a new state of Cussex, maintaining the entire Raflesinesian culture inside Indokistan.


Raflesinesia was first established as CHC Ville in 2010 as the brainchild of Rifat Alridhan that dreamed of having a free community. The name was replaced as "Little Britain" in 1 January 2012, an aspiration of its founders to imitate British culture in the new country. Afterwards, the name was replaced by "Raflesinesia" in mid-2012 after Rayhan Haikal ratified the Letter of Intent officialise the new country name. Raflesinesia originates from the name of the location of the micronation, which was named Raffles Hills.


CHC Ville

Raflesinesia, previously known as CHC Ville has changed owners since the foundation in July 1. It was originally owned by a small business, and eventually was owned by the Third Reich. After ownership by the Third Reich, there was a vacancy in leadership, forcing Little Britain to become independent.

CHC Ville-Little Britain

On March 6, 2011, CHC Ville's population had more than doubled since its inception from only 34 to 78. The Micrasian properties declined in value, making it easier to live in a luxurious property. Newcomers were flooding through Indokistan and CHC Ville just to find a home. Little Nations, previously named Villes Community came up with a petition asking that properties be restricted due to overflow. This petition didn't affect Indokistan, but affected CHC Ville.

Shortly afterwards, the Ntolian Rebellion occurred, threatening to destroy Indokistan. CHC Ville, which in their long march path, was also forced to independent. On January 1 at midnight, the independent text was finished and signed and by the day, CHC Ville was independent from ownerships as Little Britain.

Little Britain-Raflesinesia

14 days after the independence, Little Britain had it's own election to elect the new prime minister and it's board. The candidates were Rayhan Haikal from Democratic party, Arya Notoanegoro from Republic party and Rifat Alridhan from National party. Votes were exile from Little Britain's civillian to choose the first parliament board. The result was Democratic Party got 35 votes, Republic got 25 votes and National got 18 votes. This result made the Democratic party won the most of the seat and Rayhan Haikal as the Prime Minister.

On March 17, the name of Little Britain was put down after the Letter of Intent shows that this country needs new name from the Board.

Joining Indonovia

Raflesinesia finally became te third nation that joining Indonovia and makes Raflesinesia as the constituent nation of Indonovia after the government of Indonovia are sent the letter to Prime Minister Rayhan Haikal that asking Raflesinesia to joining Indonovia on April 3, 2012. The Raflesinesian government are respond the letter few hours after the letter sent and accepts the Indonovian government letter. After that, Raflesinesia widens it's area and civillian rocketized to more than 900 people and species. Raflesinesia also increases the area from 6000 acres to a massive 12 square kilometres. The Dissolution of Indonovia has made the country to less open to "outside of Indonesia" Micronations. To deal with this, Raflesinesia grab a 104 square kilometers in Jambi Region; Ungaran and Kalasan, and starts the promotion.

Dissolution of Indonovia

Government had just realized that Indonovia had been dissolved, means that the latest flagship account of Advisory Centre had just meaningless to use. Government of Raflesinesia and neighboring country of Indokistan and Los Bay Petros, have made union like Benelux. For those accounts, they plan to recycle it for next one.

Reunification with Indokistan

On February 2, Raflesinesian government announced their decision to reunified with Indokistan,[2] as they realize the similiarities between both nations and a fact that Raflesinesia was once part of Indokistan. The reunification will affect the Indokistani provisional government as reform being executed in the nation. It is said that all former Raflesinesian provinces will be equal with the rest of Indokistani provinces, and one of the former Raflesinesian province will receives autonomy status, as reminder of the unification.

Government and politics

Prime Minister of Raflesinesia

Raflesinesia is a Parliamentary system of government. Raflesinesia is a country that has three party, Democratic; Republic and National, which makes Raflesinesia a de-facto all party nation.

The executive council in the government includes the Prime Minister, Senator of Hastonbury, Mayor of Midlands and the Board member, the legislature includes the Little Parliament. Jurisdictions and law is handled by High Court. Because Raflesinesia's government system is parliamentary, the parliament has the power in the government. The military, in other hand, dealing only security and a-not-so-free-to-move-area in the government.

Foreign affairs

The first nation Raflesinesia conducted diplomacy with was Los Bay Petros and of course Republic of Indokistan in February 2012, that makes Los Bay Petros and Indokistan to became the first and second nation to recognizing Raflesinesia as a sovereign nation. But, Raflesinesia is only got de facto recognition.

Raflesinesia currently upholds diplomacy with less than 10 nations, and the government also hopes that the number of nations that conducting diplomacy with Raflesinesia will increase. Any nation having interest to open diplomatic relation with Raflesinesia can contact the government through e-mail, 2jzengine@gmail.com, or contacting the Prime Minister on his usertalk page.

Administrative regions

Parts and Provinces in Raflesinesia

No. District/Province Code Capital Senator/Mayor Population
1 Wellington Side WLS Wellington Bintang Perdanakusuma 35
2 Greater Forchester GFC Forchester Rifat Alridhan 565
3 Hummingshire HMS Hummingshire City Rifat Alridhan 100
4 Copperbury-Hastonbury CPH Haston Bintang Perdanakusuma 50
5 Rethels RTH Rethels Rayhan Haikal 50
6 Gateway GTW Gaters empty 100
7 Newark Provincional NWP Bangko City David Christian 1000
7 Stillenham STL Castille City empty 200
Latest update on June 2012


Although it's new, Raflesinesia has a defcon 5 range security system, making it difficult to got caught in compromising situations like war. Raflesinesia's military force is separate into 7 division:

  1. SAS (Special Air Service)
  2. Royal Marines
  3. Royal Seals
  4. RAF (Royal Airforce)
  5. SST (Special Strike Team)
  6. Royal Army
  7. MI8

This country has a police force as well, ranged from street smart to defcom 4. The police force is currently running on Rethels Division, Hastonbury-Copperbury Post and Midlands Area.


Raflesinesia has two access of hospitals, Melia Hospital and Permata Cibubur, which has to share with Republic of Indokistan. Raflesinesia has more than 100 clinics. In Newark Province, hospitals could be found on the Bangko City and Muara Bungo District.

Geography, flora and fauna


Mainland of Raflesinesia is a land-locked micronation that is located near the border of West Java, Indonesia and located just 680 miles from the equator. Raflesinesia is approximately 25 miles from the nearest coast. But this problem wasn't made an experiences any water shortage, thanks to ground water and tube system that scattered over the nation. There is a small river in Raflesinesia that separates the Copperbury section and Hastonbury section in Copperbury-Hastonbury, tube system under the Rethels, Hastonbury-Copperbury and Wellington-Gateway. There is a Water Distillation plant plus pipeline in the Midlands and Newark Provincional. The average temperature in Raflesinesia is about 23 °C to 37 °C. Raflesinesia is also planted more than 65000 trees to compensate the heat.

RFRC Climate research
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C 29.0
Average low °C 24.2
Precipitation mm (inches) 326.7
Avg. rainy days 26 20 15 18 13 15 7 21 6 9 22 12 20

Flora and fauna

Raflesinesia also owns a fish farm which is located in Hastonbury, a small zoo near the border of Copperbury and Rethels, and an agriculture center that is located in Wellington side. In the small zoo, you can find Lizards and Snakes. The Mangosteen tree is commonly found outskirts of Hastonbury. In Newark Provincional, you could find Bears, Monkeys, Sumatran Tigers and Elephants. In here, Palm Oil Trees and Bushes are common.



Raflesinesia is consists with numerous of Javanese (57%), Chinese-descendants (23%), Korean (11%) and the others (9%). Religion in this country also consists with Islam (46%), Christian (32%) and the others (22%). This make a whole lot efforts to re-asimilate the National day and Game for the cultural state


According to the latest Letter of Intent, there are 5 national symbols that is recognized as official symbols, there are the Flag, the Insignia (similar to Coat of Arms), National Anthem, Capital city of Rethels and official language, Indonesian Language and English.


RFSCN (Raflesinesia Channel) is the only news corporation owned by Raflesinesian government. Currently the corporation is develop a tv channel called RFSCN TV.


Raflesinesia has an intergrated Education system following the real government rules. This system includes the National Curriculum (KTSP), Raflesinesia's curriculum and Cambridge's curriculum standard



Raflesinesia has 3 access to main road, Main st., Uptown-Downtown Hummingshire st., Rally Stage-half and S2. This country has an intergrated road system, preventing the newcomer to get lost. It has also got type 2 homeland road security. Raflesinesia is also one of the country that bicycle lane is used. This country also has a Motorway (similar to LBP's Autoroute) span over 60 miles from Greater Forchester's Rally Stage-half, Puncak, City of Bogor and Midland of Bogor to Dredim, Los Bay Petros via partial A-81. In Newark Provincional, there is a stretch of road from Muara Bungo District to Bangko City called Motorway 3 (M3, Not to be confused by M3 (Zealandia)). The S-routes is also introduced here. This system is called joint routes. It means that 2 or more country can use this and operate this. Today, the available S-routes are S2, M/S45, S76, S78, S77, S89M and S181


Raflesinesia has a new flagship carrier that join at 8 June 2012. The airline called Raflesinesia Airlines. Raflesinesia has also an airport and 4 Private Airstrip including Newark Provincional Airstrip

Science and technology

Raflesinesia runs the locally-owned Rafless Fundamental Research Center (RFRC) that is established in March 2012 by Mayor of Midlands Rifat Alridhan, after his proposal to establish a research center was accepted. Currently, the research center is trying to have a joint ventureship with Indokistan Technology Development Center. The Research Centre is now located in Greater Forchester, after the old building in Rethels considered too compromised

There are three projects in this research center, the Powerball, Agri-business Program and Project Clean my Copperbury. That researches will be make this research center the next future research center.


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