LIR Union

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Los Bay Petros, Indokistan, and Raflesinesia Union

Headquarters Bayrschtein, Los Bay Petros

Official language Bahasa Indonesia

Membership - Los Bay Petros
- Indokistan
- Raflesinesia

Foundation 19 June 2012
LIRUnion Charter 19 August 2012

Website Official Forum

LIR Union, abbreviation for Los Bay Petros, Indokistan and Raflesinesia Union (Indonesian: Uni Los Bay Petros, Indokistan, dan Raflesinesia), commonly stylized as LIRUnion or LIRunion, was a customs union comprising three neighboring Indonesian micronations, Indokistan, Los Bay Petros, and Raflesinesia. The union had its main headquarters in Bayrschtein, Los Bay Petros with obligations for each members to establish its own local office for the union.

It was officially established on August 2012 when all founding members signed the official treaty on the creation of the LIR Union. The organisation had turned inactive since February 2013, when Raflesinesia reunified with Indokistan. A special status treaty between Indokistan and Los Bay Petros also once proposed by former Raflesinesian head of state Rayhan Haikal as substitute of the organisation, but failed to gain any respond.


LIR Union was established after Rayhan Haikal, Prime Minister of Raflesinesia, expressed his idea to unify Los Bay Petros, Raflesinesia and Indokistan as one country. He initially proposed an unification between Indokistan and Raflesinesia, believing that an unification would support the country economically and politically.

During the formal discussion between Rayhan and Mustafa Hakim of Indokistan on the proposed unification, Los Bay Petrosian government offering an establishment of a joint venture company after Raflesinesia Airlines bought LBPair stocks, reviving both Raflesinesian and increasing the activity Los Bay Petrosian economy, which already revives its economy with ERP (Economy Revival Project) in 2011.

After a consensus reached between Los Bay Petros and Raflesinesia on the joint venture company, Rayhan again proposed a three-way unification, taking reference from the European Benelux. Shortly after that, Rayhan led the effort by drafting the Charter, which was signed by all founding members during the LIR Union summit in August 2012 at Kranji, Los Bay Petros.

Politics and Law

The LIR Union Charter that was previously composed on 19 June, was signed during the LIR Union Summit in August 2012, which marks the official status of the union. Provisions inside the treaty includes the members, purpose, and other political arrangements of the union.

During the establishment of LIR Union, Indokistani Mustafa Hakim proposed that the union must establish an assembly council, which composed by ministers on its respective fields from all member countries. This proposal was not accepted, and skipped from the LIR Union Charter signed on August 2012.


LIR Union adopts an idea of multinational currency for the member states of the union from the Euro. The discussion for the currency began in June 2012 with the conclusion that the Urtas will be used as the legal tender between the LIR micronations. Until its fall, the currency was failed to be used, as the member states remained using their own currencies. The only legal printer of the Urtas money was the Los Bay Petrosian government.

Demographics and geography

The LIR Union region had a total population of about 2176 peoples, combination from all 3 member nations, and occupies an area of approximately 759.57 km².

Entity Capital Population Area
LIR Union 2346 753.57 km²
- Los Bay Petros Dredim
210 636.18 km²
- Indokistan Koskenniemi 56 5.3 km²
- Raflesinesia Rethels 2100 115.89 km²


In February 2013, Raflesinesia declares its union with Indokistan, which resulting on the reduction of LIR Union members to became only two, rendering the union paralysed and useless. During the unification, Raflesinesian and Indokistani politicians failed to realise that the unification would bring huge consequences to the LIR Union.

In mid-2013, former Raflesinesian turned-Indokistani politician Rayhan Haikal proposed the union to be replaced by a special treaty arrangement between Indokistan and Los Bay Petros, which was failed to took place.

Despite of the LIR Union collapse, diplomatic relations between Indokistan and Los Bay Petros remain warm and friendly. Both country later set an agreement to unify under Madyaraksa in August 2014, which was failed because of the collapse of Los Bay Petros.