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Province of Slobodan
Provinsi Slobodan
Province Central Indokistan
FoundedJuly 2012
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)

Slobodan, officially known as Province of Slobodan (Provinsi Slobodan) was an Indokistani province located in Central Indokistan. It hosted the former national capital Koskenniemi from August 2012 to July 2013.

The province had a weak influence inside Indokistani politics, despite that the national capital was located on the province. Native residents resistance to Indokistani rule also caused the region to had a low presence of Indokistani culture and characteristics, as Indokistani government itself had a difficult time to consolidate the region.


The province was founded by Indokistani diaspora departing from Travenoras, with its declaration of establishment was made on July 2012. The claimed region was initially in dispute with Raflesinesia, but after an agreement effectively divided the region, the eastern part of the claimed region was granted to Indokistan, and was named Slobodan. The name derives from Slavic word which means "independence".

Because of the agreement, Slobodan had land border with Raflesinesian city of Gravelshire, located west of Koskenniemi. In 2 February 2013 as Raflesinesia declared their merge with Indokistan, Gravelshire was renamed as Camp Hastons and absorbed to the governance of Slobodan Province.

After the establishment of Slobodan, Indokistani government immediately move the capital to Koskenniemi from Jumstraad, because of government changes occured there. The move was intended to be temporary, but it was decided to make Koskenniemi the permanent capital of Indokistan, officially stripped Jumstraad status as the national capital.

Arriving Indokistani citizens founded that to consolidate Indokistani rule over the region was difficult, because of resistance of its native citizens. The same situation also faced by Raflesinesia government. This causing the region to had a weak presence of Indokistani culture and characteristics. The situation later justified the government to move again the capital to Suwarnakarta in June 2013.

Administrative divisions


Koskenniemi was the first city established in the province, and immediately set as the temporary Indokistani capital before decision to make it permanent. The name of Koskenniemi was Finnish in origin.

Native resident resistance to Indokistani rule caused the city to only had symbolic status as the national capital, while the actual centre of Indokistani poltical activities was done outside Koskenniemi (on the region later founded as Suwarnakarta in July 2013).

Koskenniemi had several facilities inside the city, which includes a national library, football stadium, and several business shops. While the western part of the city was inhabited, the eastern part of Koskenniemi was empty, with further plan to expand the construction was in hold until 2014.

The city lost its capital status on July 2013, as the status were transferred to Suwarnakarta.

Camp Hastons

Camp Hastons, founded as Gravelshire, was located on the western part of the province. Initially was the Raflesinesian territory established after Kranggan Agreement, it was absorbed to Slobodan in February 2013 as the country merged with Indokistan.

Camp Hastons was popular for its business centre and known as the Army stronghold inside the region. Despite that the city was under the jurisdiction of Central Indokistan, the city still receives funding from Cussex Region government.