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Culture of Indokistan (Budaya Indokistan) is primarily Indonesian remembering the place of origins of its citizens. Indokistani culture has been shaped for a very long time before and after Indokistani establishment, and despite of influences from Western and Eastern culture, they always attempting on creating a distinct cultural characteristics separated from those mentioned.

Religion and beliefs

As secular state, Indokistan had no official religions. Indokistani constitution guarantees religious freedom and the state government had no rights and will never intervene on the religion of its citizens. 100% of Indokistani citizens identifying themselves as Muslim as of 2016.

2011 constitution guarantees religious freedom and prohibits any religious discrimination. Despite on this, Atheism was banned on the constitution. These was changed on the new constitution, as Secularism is more emphasised as no clause prohibits any religious beliefs and non-believers.

Islam also had influence inside Indokistani politics, since for years was recognized as official religions, and even state ideology in the Federal Republic of Indokistan (written as combination of Islam and Socialism), but as the current Federal State emphasize on Secularism, Islam's influence inside the country politics is greatly reduced. Despite on Indokistan status as a secular state, it still celebrates religious holidays.


Indokistan only recognises Indonesian language as official, and is used in all government and state activities. Constitution also giving state rights to appoint regional languages as official. Javanese is popular in Aziziyah as working language in informal situation by all of its citizens. While Aziziyah have Javanese as distinct language, Central Indokistan and Cussex had no distinct languags as that region had a diverse languages spoken so no dominant language arise. English language is mastered by 100% of Indokistani citizens, and Chinese is currently a popular language in Suwarnakarta region.

Indokistani Cyrillic

Indokistani Cyrillic, is one of the very first cultural aspects created by Indokistani citizens introduced in April 2011. The script are the form of Cyrillization, by using Russian Cyrillic to write Indonesian language, which normally using Latin alphabet. In Indokistan, Kryllic is often used by Indokistani peoples live in Travenoras.

Suwarnakartan ortography

On 10 March 2015, Suwarnakarta government installed new system of ortography exclusive for the city. The revised Latin alphabet partly inspired by Ejaan Pembaharuan (“New Spelling”) for Indonesian language, proposed by Indonesian linguists in 1956. Changes included in the new script are addition of letter “ŋ” that replacing digraph ng, and letter “é” to represent the sound “e”, differentiating it from voice “ə”.


Indokistani citizens also had created some literature works. Dicky L. K. was renowned of his literature works, including novels and opinion articles sometimes published in The Indokistan Times.

A chain story (cerita berantai) under a series called "Adventures of Duck" was created on 2011 and popular among Indokistani citizens. The story was written by several citizens as one finishes writing the other freely writes the next part of the story. Nabil Ihsan was known to be involved on the creation of that novel. There are 7 series that was made and published, with various titles such as "Adventures of Keni the Worm" and "DS-TLL Adventures"

Visual arts

A popular comic book titled "The Blinks" was popular on the same era as "The Adventures of Duck". The comic was written on four-boxes or five-boxes format and always ended on explosion of its main character (based on Badra Shidqi), that will always explode if one particular part of his body was touched, either accidental or deliberate. "The Blinks" series later expanded to another title, such as "Hantu Yodi" (Yodi the Ghost) telling story about an apprentice ghost recently died after commiting suicide, and "LBP Rangers" about a group of heroes that always fail on finishing their tasks. During strained relations between Indokistan and Nameless as aftermath of Nameless Betrayal on April 2011, several Nameless citizens made a satire on Indokistan using same template as "The Blinks" story.

Position of start of "Coinage" game, one traditional Indokistani games

An art exhibition hosted in the city of Flastraad was took place on June 2011.

Traditional games

Traditional games in Indokistan is developed by its citizens. Example of popular Indokistani traditional games is "Coinage" and "Halfchess", with most players came from Travenoras. Besides of genuinely Indokistani traditional games, Indonesian games also popular among citizens.

Public holidays

These are the official public holidays recognized by Indokistani government. On these days, public offices are closed and citizens will take the time off. On those days also, citizens are encouraged to fly the flag at full-staff, especially on Indokistan-related celebrations.

Month Day Holiday Indonesian name Description Origin
January 1 New Year's day Tahun baru Celebrates the new year Worldwide
Aziziyah day Hari Aziziyah Commemorate the addition of Aziziyah as Indokistani state Indokistan
6 Military day Hari militer Commemorating the establishment of Indokistan Armed Forces Indokistan
24 Revolution day Hari revolusi Commemorating the January revolution Indokistan
February 2 Cussex day Hari Cussex Commemorating addition of Cussex as Indokistani state Indokistan
28 Diplomatic relations day Hari hubungan diplomatik Commemorating the first appearance of Indokistan nationality on MicroWiki sphere and commemorate the first nation that pursuing diplomatic relations with Indokistan Indokistan
March 17 Anthem day Hari lagu kebangsaan Commemorates the first anthem in Indokistan that receives official status Indokistan
April 7 Hero day Hari pahlawan Commemorate the first battle of Indokistan - Ntolian War Indokistan
May 1 Labour day Hari buruh Commemorates the struggle of workers worldwide Worldwide
June 2 Health day Hari kesehatan Commemorates and appreciates all attempts done by citizens to establish a healthy body and environment Indokistan
July 5 Federal day Hari federasi Commemorates the establishment of Indokistani second federation Indokistan
September 16 Indokistan independence day Hari kemerdekaan Indokistan Commemorates the establishment of Indokistan Indokistan
October 8 Flag day Hari bendera Commemorates the first flag to receives official status Indokistan
November 11 Constitution day Hari konstitusi Commemorates the completion of the first constitution of Indokistan Indokistan