Unification of Raflesinesia

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Unification of Raflesinesia

Date: 2 February 2013
First contact between Mustafa and Rayhan
Kranggan Agreement
Ratification of unification treaty
Mustafa Hakim
Rayhan Haikal

Unification of Raflesinesia (Indonesian: Penggabungan Raflesinesia) into Indokistan was officially occurred in 2 February 2013 after Raflesinesian prime minister Rayhan Haikal signed the accession treaty to Indokistan. The unification significantly expanded Indokistani territory and population.


Raflesinesia was established as Little Britain in 1 January 2012, claimed that they were established after a successful secession from Indokistan. The claims were dismissed by Indokistan that sent a protest letter against Little Britain with request of apology and removal of such claims, which was complied by Little Britain. Despite the early rocky beginning, Little Britain later developed a friendly relations with Indokistan, especially after sudden arrival of Rayhan Haikal to private residence of Mustafa Hakim in Jumstraad, that easing the tension formed beforehand and negative perception on Little Britain.

Contacts between Mustafa and Rayhan accelerated significantly from July 2012, mainly because both of them was enrolled on the same school, enabling them to meet every day. The successful implementation of Kranggan Agreement afterwards also boosting friendly relations between both countries. Shortly after the Agreement, Mustafa informally asking Rayhan to merge his country to Indokistan, which was politely declined by Rayhan.

Relations between both countries becoming closer than ever as Indokistan and Raflesinesia joined LIR Union with Los Bay Petros and a successful summit between three countries was took place in August 2012. Since LIR Union, economic and political integration between Indokistan and Raflesinesia was inevitable.


Several calls for unification with Indokistan was initially dismissed by Raflesinesian government, but since LIR Union that unifies its political and economical system in 2012, Raflesinesia and Indokistani system has been more integrated. Pro-unification activists perceived that Raflesinesia would be easily reunified with Indokistan, and it would have a better development. Rayhan finally called for formal deliberations on unification inside Raflesinesian Parliament in January 2013.

Raflesinesian prime minister Rayhan Haikal signed the accession decree to Indokistan effective on 2 February 2013, which was accepted by Indokistani Provisional Parliament with majority votes. The unification treaty declares that Raflesinesian merger to Indokistan was a form of support for Indokistani reform movement, while further declares Raflesinesian territorial changes and Rayhan's position on the region after the merge. Raflesinesia will also acquired regional autonomy inside Indokistan. Indokistani government dubbed the merge as "reunification", ironically using the Raflesinesian establishment narratives that they had dismissed in 2012.

Raflesinesian provinces was reformed as Cussex province, later a state inside the newly-established Federal State of Indokistan. Rayhan Haikal also receives a seat inside the National Forum and became the Governor for Cussex.


Kranggan Agreement was made null and void by the unification, since territories divided by the agreement was made fully under Indokistani control. Despite the Raflesinesian part of the divided territory (renamed as Camp Hastons) was integrated into Slobodan, it still receives funding from Cussex government.

The unification also caused crisis inside LIR Union, as one of its constituent withdrawing the union, resulting on the tripartite union to only have two members remaining. Realising the new issue, Rayhan proposed the LIR Union to be converted as a special treaty between Indokistan and Los Bay Petros, which was passively responded. The special treaty was reconsidered in August 2014, when the remaining members of LIR Union deliberating the formation of Madyaraksa, which was resulting in failure.

Rayhan Haikal later formed his Cussex state as an example of regional economic development with establishing Air Centrino and other companies under the conglomerate company Centrino Group. Rayhan also stand for candidacy on 2013 election yet was defeated, but ascended the presidency in January 2014 after resignation of the previous president.