Nameless Incident

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Nameless Incident
Date: 24 April 2011
Formation of Nameless
Defection of state ministers
Formation of new cabinet
Mustafa Hakim
Wava C
Rima S
Audry A
Yolanda R

Nameless Incident, or popularly known as Nameless Betrayal (Indonesian: Insiden Nameless or Pengkhianatan Nameless) was a political scandal occurred in April 2011. The core part of the scandal involves the defection of entire Indokistani woman citizens to the newly-formed country named Nameless. The incident caused chaos inside Indokistani government, because of four ministries suddenly left vacant, and destroyed gender balance inside the country, on which Indokistan would never had woman as citizen anymore.


On the early days of Indokistani Republic, the state enjoys popularity among its citizens and attract interests from students outside Indokistan. Curiousity brought by the students caused them to joined Indokistan, which also includes a group of woman that also registering themselves as Indokistani citizen in March 2011. Prime Minister Mustafa Hakim, interested on those woman talents and experiences, finally brought them to the first national cabinet and establish positions for them. This appointment ended male-dominated nature of Indokistani nation.

In April 2011, Indokistan-Ntolian War was started as Ntolian forces attacked Indokistani capital Jumstraad, which was culminated in the Battle of Jumstraad on 7 April. The warfare resulting on the declaration of the state of emergency, as all civilians, included women, were brougt under military protection.

At almost the same time as the war, another group of woman students, intended to rivaling Indokistan, declared the establishment of a matriarchical micronation, which (ironically) called Nameless. The newly-formed country was led by a queen regnant called Wava C, and was successfully attracts more woman to join her country. The establishment of Nameless brings issue inside the region, as the micronational development inside the region was now polarised by gender. Because of this, Nameless was perceived as Indokistan as the "second enemy after Ntolia", yet female Indokistani citizens was seen unaffected by the influence of Wava and her Nameless.


In the morning of 24 April 2011, officers from the Ministry of Social and Cultural Affairs (headed by Rima), Ministry of Research and Technology (headed by Yolanda) and State Treasurer (headed by Audry) simultaneously reported that each ministries had received a resignation letter from each respective ministers. This situation brings suspicion to the authority, and preemptive actions were taken immediately. After several hours of tracking, it was later revealed that those woman had left Indokistani territory to Indonesia - their departure was quick and in haste.

Indokistani authority later received a letter from those resigning woman ministers, declaring their reason of resignation and also renounced their Indokistani citizenship, as they will all accepting Nameless citizenship. The letter also announced their intention to be the part of Nameless society. From this point it was clear that those departure was in fact a simultaneous defection staged by Indokistani citizens.


The departure was immediately treated as a defection case and was condemned by Indokistani government and public, with the defectors were branded as a traitor. Beside of that, the authority also banned their return to Indokistan. The public also immediately condemned Wava C and her "deadly seduction" that successfuly "attracts citizens to defect". An action against Nameless was also campaigned, yet the incident was covered by the more severe Indokistan-Ntolian War that was escalating.

Because all of the defectors once held political offices, the national cabinet was paralysed because one per quarter of the office suddenly went vacant. An emergency meeting was later arranged by Prime Minister [[Mustafa Hakim], with abandoned ministers were replaced under the new cabinet that was called "April Cabinet".

Despite on the conflicting nature of the incident, relations between Indokistan and Nameless were far way better than with Ntolia. This was caused by Nameless government goodwill to allow Indokistani citizens and state documents refuge on their country during Indokistan-Ntolian War that was still occured even after the incident. Their action caused president Farhan Abbas to be sympathetic towards Nameless people, which resulting in an establishment of a diplomatic treaty between both countries in 9 May 2011, and a continuously friendly relations afterwards. The relations later turned sour after Indokistani government declared an act of confrontation against Nameless in 10 August. After conflicts between government factions, President Farhan forced the government to end the confrontation in 20 August and ordered a complete restoration of diplomatic relations with Nameless.


The defection destroyed Indokistani gender balance, as the entire woman citizens left the country, turns the country again entirely male. Woman in Indokistani politics would be no exist until the first arrival of Tian Abdurrahman and merge of Bobodolands Barakstan in 2012, when he brought together with him Susi Sopiani.

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