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Federal City of Suwarnakarta
Kota Féderal Suwarnakarta
Suwarna Karta Jaya
Anthem: Syukur
Capital Indokistan
EstablishedJuly 2013
 • GovernorMustafa Hakim
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)

Suwarnakarta was a federal city that served as the capital city of former Federal State of Indokistan. It was located in Indonesian city of Jakarta and Bandung and bordered by the state of Central Indokistan, Cussex, an Aziziyah.

Suwarnakarta name derived from the compound of word Suwarna (gold, good color), and -karta (complete, perfect), which makes the name Suwarnakarta means "The perfect gold".

Until its dissolution on 20 July 2016, it was a center of Indokistani political activity and ever since, become a symbol of unity among Indokistani states.


Demand for a new capital was increased after Indokistani politicians realized that if Indokistan retains their former capital of Koskenniemi in Central Indokistan province of Slobodan, Indokistan should seek for another city able to serve as capital city in under 3 years.

Proposals had been sent to the national forum about the capital city issue, with their main goal is to find new capital city that does not need any changes in near future. There are two proposals emerged: first proposal was to appoint new place that suitable to use and is inhabited long enough to serve as capital city, the second proposal was to appoint one region inside existing place and arrange it to be a separate region. After deliberations, new place finally picked to become the new capital near Central Indokistan and was inaugurated to become a federal city serve as capital, equal with all Indokistani states.

The city frequently visited by Cussex Region governor Rayhan Haikal for various purposes. This city hosted the first complete state meeting attended by all leaders from Indokistani states on 1 July 2014. In January 2015, the city was inaugurated to become the host for the planned Indonesian Intermicronational Conference that failed to took place, despite of its initial plan to be held in June 2015.

During the dissolution of Indokistan in July 2016, it was decided that Suwarnakarta would be the last region to be dissolved, because of its status as representation of central government and necessity to have an authorizing body overseen the dissolution process. After Aziziyah government declared its dissolution on 20 July 2016, Suwarnakarta was dissolved at the same time, with majority of its citizens are now instead active inside Suwarnakarta Institute.


Suwarnakarta was divided into 4 districts, which majority of it are from territories from states of Indokistan that lend their part of land to the city, which was obligated by the constitution. Those districs are Main Suwarnakarta, Los Baraya, Camp Hastons, and Morrison Anders.


As a capital city, Suwarnakarta became the melting pot of Indokistani culture, remembering each regional differences on former state territory that was lend to Suwarnakarta.

Linguistically, all residents of Suwarnakarta speaks Indonesian language. Recently, there are rising popularity and influences of Chinese language inside the city, where its usage become more popular, even there are calls to make Chinese an official language inside the state, which is allowed by the constitution. Suwarnakarta government also established their own orthographic system for writing Indonesian language that was made official in March 2015.


Several Autovias have its start and ends in Suwarnakarta. Autovia R1 passed Suwarnakarta and give access to Camp Ashton in Cussex, while Autovia R2 used to access Travenoras and main Cussex Region, and Autovia R6 give access to Stillenham. A273, as intermicronational motorways, give access to Bayrschtein in former Los Bay Petros.