Central Indokistan

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Commune of Central Indokistan
Komune Indokistan Tengah
  State of Indokistan  
City of Jumstraad
Motto: Protector of national victory and pride
Anthem: Internationale
State Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
Established March 2013
Capital New Coatesville
 - Governor Farhan Abdurrahman
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Central Indokistan (Indonesian: Indokistan Tengah) was one of the 3 states of Indokistan. The state consists of 13 cities and municipalities, with New Coatesville as the state capital. The state was founded in March 2013 during the National Reform by amalgamating five provinces, Centralotus, Normandia, Slobodan, Solovyovagrad, and Travenoras.

Central Indokistan was historically significant, since the entire Indokistan historical events before 2013 were occured solely on the region inside the state, particularly on the former national capital Jumstraad. Because that the first Indokistani statehood movement and micronational activities was born in the state, nickname "Indokistan Proper" was used to refer the state thereafter.

Central Indokistan was dissolved on 5 July 2016, after its governor ordered to do so. Until its dissolution, Farhan Abdurrahman was the only governor of the state, also became the main delegate of the State for the National Forum.


The state was founded in March 2013 during the National Reform. Decision to amalgamate the provinces was mainly on practical reason, when the authority decide to group the remaining Indokistani provinces that does not belongs to any state at that time. Appointment of Farhan Abdurrahman as governor of the State was declared afterwards.

Shortly after the establishment of the state, Farhan declared the establishment of a new city, named New Coatesville, that will serve as the state capital.

Politics and government

As customary in Indokistani politics, each state were influenced by ideologies and political beliefs of its governor. In the case of Central Indokistan, the prevailing ideology is left-libertarian and socialism. In 2014, Farhan renamed the state to be "Commune of Central Indokistan", set The Internationale as the state anthem, and decreed that the cities to be renamed as communes.

Despite being divided into numerous cities, the cities were led solely by Farhan, as he did not delegate the job nor appoint any mayor for the city. The constitution does not dictate the governance of the state, thus allowed freedom to state governors on how to implement it.


Central Indokistan was located in the Indonesian province of West Java. The entire state territory were landlocked. Each cities outside its groupings were separated between 3 to 10 kilometres between each other.

Beside West Java, Central Indokistan also had a territory in fictional world Micras that was also landlocked. The cities were grouped by the former Solovyovagrad province.

Administrative division

Central Indokistan was divided into 13 cities, and was grouped according to its former provincial locations.

Central Indokistan was initially consists of four original provinces, Travenoras, Centralotus, Normandia, and Slobodan. Those provinces were disbanded after ratification of the Federal constitution in 2014, as the States should only be divided by cities or municipalities, leaving the entire cities formerly grouped by provinces to be directly subordinate to the State. Despite on the disbandment of the provinces, the provinces remain to be used as traditional groupings for the cities.

Flag Cities Groupings
Noflag.png Ante Normandia
Noflag.png Camp Hastons Slobodan
Bendera Flastraad.png Flastraad Travenoras
France flag.png Gorerski Solovyovagrad
Bendera Jumstraad.png Jumstraad Travenoras
Noflag.png Koskenniemi Slobodan
Noflag.png Kratsin Solovyovagrad
Noflag.png Lethrushkhas Centralotus
Noflag.png New Coatesville Normandia
Noflag.png Spariste Solovyovagrad
Noflag.png Swazlek Solovyovagrad
Noflag.png Trastraad Travenoras
Noflag.png White Lotus Centralotus