Central Indokistan

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Commune of Central Indokistan
Komune Indokistan Tengah
Panoramic view of Jumstraad
Protector of national victory and pride
Anthem: Internationale
State Indokistan
EstablishedMarch 2013
Dissolved5 July 2016
CapitalNew Coatesville
 • GovernorFarhan Abbas (only officeholder)
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)

Central Indokistan (Indonesian: Indokistan Tengah) was one of the three states of the Federal State of Indokistan. The state was founded in March 2013 during the National Reform through the amalgamation of five original Indokistani provinces of Centralotus, Normandia, Slobodan, Solovyovagrad, and Travenoras. The state consisted of 13 cities and municipalities with New Coatesville as the state capital.

The state was historically significant for Indokistan as all historical events in the country before the formation of the Federal State in 2013 occurred in regions within the state. The founding document of Indokistan was drafted and signed in Jumstraad, highlighting the state as the cradle of Indokistani statehood movement.

Central Indokistan dissolved on 5 July 2016 amid the wave of disbandment of states following the dissolution of Indokistan. From its founding until its disbandment, Farhan Abbas was the only governor of the state, and the primary delegate for the state to the National Forum.


Central Indokistan (Indonesian: Indokistan Tengah) was named such not because of its geographical locations, but due to the centrality of the state in the history of Indokistan and its micronational movement before 2013.

The state was also known as "Indokistan Proper", as the state constituted of the original five Indokistani provinces prior to unifications of Barakstan, Raflesinesia, and Wirasena to Indokistan in early 2013.


The state was founded in March 2013 amid the National Reform as the attempt to rejuvenate Indokistani statehood movement following crises and instability after the Royal Council Rebellion in December 2012.

The decision to set up the state through the amalgamation of the original Indokistani provinces of Centralotus, Normandia, Slobodan, Solovyovagrad, and Travenoras was mainly made on practical reason, as those provinces deemed too small to be its own state. Moreover, those provinces shared the similarity of being founded not through the unification of other micronations to Indokistan.

Shortly after the creation of the state, then-former president Farhan Abbas was declared as governor. Among Farhan's first policies was to establish a new city, called New Coatesville, which would be the seat of the state government. New Coatesville remained the state capital until the state's disbandment in 2016.

In 2014, Farhan announced the official name of the state as "Commune of Central Indokistan", set The Internationale as the state anthem, and decreed that the cities to be renamed as communes.

During the dissolution of Indokistan in mid-2016, Farhan was among the state leaders declaring the province would extinct by 5 July, the designated dissolution date. The state went extinct in 5 July 2016 and Farhan announced his retirement from micronationalism.


Central Indokistan was located in the Indonesian provinces of Jakarta and West Java. Despite the entire state territory had no access to sea, Jumstraad had a man-made lake.

Beside West Java, Central Indokistan also had a territory in fictional world Micras, notable for being the only landlocked territory in the virtual world. Solovyovagrad went extinct in February 2016, when Indokistan was plagued by inactivity before its eventual disbandment in July on the same year.

Politics and government

The politics of Central Indokistan was influenced by left-libertarian and socialist ideals, as espoused by Farhan. Farhan's commitment to leftist ideals was made more obvious in 2014, when he decreed that the cities in the state will be renamed as communes.

Administrative division

Central Indokistan was divided into 13 cities, officially known as communes (Indonesian: komune) bound by four informal groups originated from its former mother provinces of Centralotus, Normandia, Slobodan, Solovyovagrad, and Travenoras, before the Federal State era. Governor Farhan did not form any municipal authorities, hence all communes directly subordinated to Farhan.

As the Federal constitution decreed that states must be divided only by cities for urban areas or municipalities for rural areas, it rendered Central Indokistani provinces obsolete. Despite its obsolete status, the state government preserved the province nomenclature as informal groups for the communes.

Flag Commune Group
Ante Normandia
Camp Hastons Slobodan
Flastraad Travenoras
Gorerski Solovyovagrad
Jumstraad Travenoras
Koskenniemi Slobodan
Kratsin Solovyovagrad
Lethrushkhas Centralotus
New Coatesville Normandia
Spariste Solovyovagrad
Swazlek Solovyovagrad
Trastraad Travenoras
White Lotus Centralotus