Central Indokistan

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Commune of Central Indokistan
Komune Indokistan Tengah
—  State of Indokistan  —
City of Jumstraad in Travenoras
Motto: Protector of national victory and pride
Anthem: Internationale
State Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
Capital New Coatesville
 - Governor Farhan Abdurrahman
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Central Indokistan was a state of Indokistan created on February 2013 that consists of 12 cities inside. This state formerly hosted the national government and the capital of this state resided in New Coatesville.

This state bounds the first landclaims existed in Indokistan, started with Travenoras, Centralotus, Normandia and Slobodan, caused the division to be referred as "Indokistan proper". Establishment of this division are executed after all provinces outside the region established and unite to be division during Indokistani national reform in 2013.

This state were important after historical reason, since the entire historical events before 2013 were formed and occurred on the region inside this state. Central Indokistan was dissolved on 5 July 2016, after its governor ordered to do so.


State of Central Indokistan currently have 4 provinces inside, that divided to 10 municipalities and districts:

  • Centralotus - This province located east of this state and has 15 counted populations. The city hosted the Indokistani military.
  • Normandia - Located west of this state, this province has 10 populations and has its capital named Swazlek.
  • Slobodan - Located centre of this state, this province has 10 registered citizens and divided into two municipalities. Municipality of Koskenniemi once served as the capital city for Indokistan.
  • Travenoras - Southeast of this state , this province held important role in national building and in a very long period serve as the center of the entire Indokistan nation. The province divided to three municipalities and Jumstraad become the capital city of this province.

Notable places

This state has notable places that become the place where one or more historical events occured on that place.