Lindy Lucky

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Lindy Lucky
Vice Governor of Centralotus
Assumed office
29 June - 23 August 2012
Predecessor Office created
Successor National Salvation Council
Member of the National Salvation Council
Assumed office
23 August - 16 September 2012
Predecessor Office created
Successor Indokistani Federal Council
Citizenship Indokistan
Nationality Indonesia
Religion Islam

Lindy Lucky was an Indokistani politician and militaryman active from 2011 until 2012. He was most famous as the founder of Centralotus, the first Indokistani landclaims outside the Travenoras province in 29 June 2012, on which he was assigned position as the vice governor there. He was also known as the commander of Indokistan Armed Forces, which he became the head for the military centre in Flastraad. His career was an example for all Indokistani citizens, as his activism for Indokistan outside the country after his departure from Indokistan, was highly praised.

Never had any other significant political offices after that, Lucky then became the member of the National Salvation Council during the Emergency Government in August 2012, which was became his last political position. Shortly after the end of the Emergency Government, Lucky resigned and retired from micronationalism.

Micronational career

A newcomer to Indokistan in 2011, when he accepted Indokistani citizenship given to him. Immediately after that he was promoted by Prime Minister Mustafa Hakim to became the Ambassador for Los Bay Petros. Shortly after accepting his seat, Lucky was forced to left Travenoras, his home state, because of family issue.

Lucky then successfully adapting himself to the new region where he live, on which he founded an organisation called White Lotus, together with his new friends. On his new place, Lucky remain vigilant on supporting Indokistan, and still committed to work as Indokistani oficial. His committment was highly applauded and was taken as an example for Indokistani citizens.

Unfortunately, as consequences of leaving Travenoras, Lucky never had a significant influence inside the country's politics, especially because of his new place's distance from Travenoras which caused him to be excluded from national politics. He was also one of the citizens that does not vote in 2011 election, because he cannot accessing the voting booth that was only opened in Jumstraad.

White Lotus organisation later paved the way on the establishment of Centralotus province in June 2012, on which he decided to became the vice governor for the region and to take part as the advisor for the newly-appointed governor Rafli Fadilla. Because of this, he was awarded by Indokistani government the Order of Integration and Indokistani Loyalty Medal.

During the last days of the Second Republic, Lucky was seem as one of the last active Indokistani citizen, that continue to work despite of decreasing morals on other citizens, especially in Travenoras. After president Mustafa Hakim declared a nationwide emergency, he then establish the Emergency Government, set the triumvirate National Salvation Council, and appoint Lucky to join the council, on which he reluctantly accept. The Council centralises provincial authority, which means Lucky lost his position as the Vice Governor, as he now instead took control as the governor for all Indokistani provinces.

He successfully manages the country inside Council until September 2012, when the Council was replaced by the Indokistani Federal Council after the establishment of Federal Republic of Indokistan. His position as Centralotus governor was not restored, and he finally declared his retirement from micronational politics in the end of 2012.