The Indokistan Times

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The Indokistan Times
Format Online
Type News website
Owner Indokistan News Network
Established February 2011 as KistanNews
January 2012 as The Indokistan Times
Motto From Indokistan to the World
Language English
Published on WordPress
Distributed in Internationally
Chief Editor Nabil Ihsan

Indokistan Times is an Indokistani official state newspaper controlled under state information institution Indokistan News Network. It is established in February 2011 as "KistanNews", and since that time has grown to become one of the most important gazette inside Indonesian sector.


The newspaper first known as KistanNews, established under leadership of Nabil Ihsan after the January Revolution. The first edition was printed in A4 format with its main title "Indokistan helds competition", focusing on a competition to commemorate religious event hosted by Indokistani government.

Initially, KistanNews was hosted in Webnode until November 2011, when it moved to Wordpress. Shortly after that, the name "KistanNews" was replaced by "The Indokistan Times" in January 2012.

The Indokistan Times once had printed edition that printed every two weeks on A4 paper. The last printed A4 format was published in November 2012 internally. Since that time, the company no longer had printed format of the newspaper as the editor decided to maintain only the online version of the newspaper.

As of 2015, there are 5 editions of KistanNews and The Indokistani Times that stored inside the National Archives.


Since its establishment, The Indokistan Times had much impact on its news coverage. KistanNews news coverage in Indokistan-Ntolian War became important since it helps the government to show the actual situation inside Indokistan during the war to become known to micronational world, attracting support from neighboring micronations.

The Indokistan Times is the most vocal and trusted gazette inside Indonesian sector as the newspaper sometimes became the only source of information about the sector. Several micronations also trusted The Indokistan Times to publish news about their micronations, since their own nation had no broadcasting service or even had no online presence. The Indokistan Times is authorized by Arkaporean government to publish their information.

On March 2012, an editorial on the newspaper exploits anger from Maloso leader. On that editorial, the writer questioning on why Maloso always plagiraizing contents published by Indokistan and Los Bay Petrosian government. This editorial accidentally caused the news website to host an argument-switching between the accused - Maloso - and Indokistan and Los Bay Petros officials. On 2014, Maloso leader - turns out to be sockpuppet of William Timothy of Santos - confessed that he was wrong and plead for an apology. These comments remain unpublished ad the editor refused to approved the comment, fear for more argument.