National Archives of Indokistan

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National Archives of Indokistan
Arsip Nasional Indokistan
Emblem of the National Archives
Agency overview
Formed4 April 2014 as Indokistani agency
5 July 2016 under Suwarnakarta Institute
HeadquartersJakarta, Indonesia
Parent AgencySuwarnakarta Institute

National Archives of Indokistan (Arsip Nasional Indokistan) is an independent non-governmental institution taking role as national archives of Indokistan. The national archives stores historical objects of Federal State of Indokistan and its predecessors. It was established on 4 April 2014 and its head office located in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The first attempt to storing historical objects can be traced back to January 2012, when an unofficial organisation stored historical objects in Central Indokistan. On that attempt, nearly 30 objects related to Indokistan successfully stored at that time. The organisation are recognised as official governmental institution after the National Forum issuing a decree to establishing a national archives. During the dissolution of Indokistan on July 2016, it was decided that this organisation, along with Indokistan News Network, will be spared from disbandment and instead will keep running under Suwarnakarta Institute.


Collections and objects currently managed by the national archives are from various period of Indokistani nation, spanning from Indokistani First Republic until the last Federal State of Indokistan. Beside historical objects, national archives also stores official documents and diplomatic treaties.

Official documents stored on the national archives are including the declaration of Indokistani establishment, letter of resignation made by Dicky L. K., and the official text of the constitution of Indokistan. The national archives also storing the original ballot paper of the first election, TVI News narration text, and KistanRupiah speciments. Since April 2016, the national archives also stored several assets from former Indokistan Technology Development Center and Central Bank of Indokistan.

The documents are stored entirely at the national archives building in Indonesian city of Jakarta, and is opened for anyone who want to accessing the historical documents.


Beside its primary purpose as storage of historical objects, the National Archives also runs several other projects, including a time capsule, online catalogue, and a planned Museum of Indokistan.

Time Capsule

Indokistani Time Capsule (Kapsul Waktu Indokistan) was created and "buried" in (then) Suwarnakarta in June 2012. It was a sealed box containing historical objects and every-day utensils. The authorities have two options on the period to open the time capsule, which is to be opened in 2015 (celebration of fifth year of Indokistani establishment), or 2017 (fifth years since the burial of the time capsule). The time capsule lapsed from the two planned years when it expected to reopen, and no more date was set for its reopening on its 10th anniversary.

Objects included inside the time capsule are the A4 copy of The Indokistan Times, a journal described history of Indokistan, ballot paper used on the first presidential election, list of citizens as of June 2012, and the prototype of passport. Attached below the box, a paper explained the status of the time capsule, its contents, and requests for any people that found the time capsule to not to open the capsule before year 2015/2017.

Online Catalogue

Indokistani National Archives established an online catalogue in 28 November 2014. The site is accessible from here, and it is will be updated frequently.