Central Bank of Indokistan

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Central Bank of Indokistan
Bank Sentral Indokistan
HeadquartersLombard Economy Zone, Sutton, Cussex
Bank GovernorMustafa Hakim
Central bank ofIndokistan
CurrencyNew KistanRupiah
IKR (ISO 4217)

Central Bank of Indokistan (Indonesian: Bank Sentral Indokistan) was the former central bank of Indokistan. It was established in November 2011, when KistanRupiah was reintroduced as official currency. The only governor of the bank until its disbandment was Mustafa Hakim. The central bank was the only official regulator of state currency KistanRupiah, including on its distribution and exchange value.

In April 2016, as government establish institution simplification policy, the central bank was dissolved, following revocation of KistanRupiah status as official currency.