Unification of Aziziyah

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Unification of Aziziyah

Date: 1 January 2014
Accession as dependent territory
Anti-unification rebellion
Declaration of union
Aziz Pahlevi
Tian Abdurrahman

Unification of Aziziyah (Indonesian: Penggabungan Aziziyah) into Indokistan officially occurred in 1 January 2015, after Aziziyan King Aziz I signed the accession treaty to Indokistan. Before the unification, Aziziyah was already a dependent territory of Indokistan since 31 October 2013.


First contact between Indokistan and Aziziyah was made in September 2013, when Aziz Pahlevi and Tian Abdurrahman first engaged. Tian later reported the encounter to the National Forum, and was warmly welcomed by Forum members that encouraged Tian to continue the process. Few weeks later, Tian announced to the Forum about Aziz's intention to form a micronation, later named Aziziyah, and to support Aziz on consolidating his micronation.


Aziziyah was accepted as Indokistani dependent territory on 31 October 2013 after accepting offer from Indokistani government to be its territory for a three-month period. Inclusion of Aziziyah as dependent territory was highly unusual in Indokistani constitutional system, since the only recognised first-tier administrative division was the state. Tian Abdurrahman heavily lobbied the Forum to allow this particular arrangement to be accepted by the Forum members. Tian guaranteed Forum members that Aziziyah would be a territory with possibility of further integration as Indokistani state in the future, with Forum members accepted his argument by declaring Aziziyah status as "suspended statehood".

Just weeks after Aziziyah's inclusion as dependent territory, a rebellion was staged by anti-unification citizens centered in Arabistan province, with the province government also supported the rebellion. After counter-attacks from pro-unification forces and the Aziziyah government, the rebellion was crushed. Aziziyah successfully defended its dependency status in Indokistan, while they also ostracised the rebels by forcing them to leave Aziziyah.

Shortly before the end of the dependency period, the Indokistan and Aziziyah governments began the negotiations, with the eventual unification on 30 December. The Aziziyah government issued a document that explains the conditions for unification that Indokistan should accept, with preservation of monarchy as the main concern. Despite reported opposition from anti-unification groups that threatened the process, the negotiations took place smoothly.

Aziziyah's Sultan Aziz I declared Aziziyah's accession as Indokistani state in 1 January 2014. With the unification treaty ratified afterwards, the entire process of Aziziyah unification to Indokistan was concluded.

Declaration of Aziz I on unification to Indokistan


After unification to Indokistan, Aziziyah remained an important region of Indokistan. On April 2015, Aziziyah declared territorial expansion, with support from the National Forum.