Indokistan-Ntolian War

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Indokistan-Ntolian War
Date 6 April - 10 May 2011
Location Indokistan
Result Indokistan victory
Peace treaty signed with Ntolia
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan Noflag.png Ntolia
Badra Shidqi
Nabil Ihsan
Iqbal Bramantyo
Asta Punta
5 5
Injuries and losses
2 3

Indokistan-Ntolian War was a war involving two neighboring micronations, Republic of Indokistan an Ntolia. It was began when Ntolian nation declared war against Indokistan on 6 April without clear reason.

Several hours after the declaration of war, Ntolian forces stormed Farhangrad Building in Jumstraad and stole KistanRupiah money. It then followed by a large-scale battle in 7 April, with Ntolian suffered large defeat. After failed negosiation attempt on 8 April, Ntolians launched several raids, which was continuously defeated by Indokistan. After a peace agreement signed on May 10, the war officially ends.

This was the first large-scale conflict involving Indokistan with another countries, that brings many effects inside Indokistan. This war also the first time Indokistani nation faced many defections of its citizen to Ntolia, which was reached its peak on Nameless Betrayal. The first day of Ntolian invasion, 7 April, was marked as "Hero Day" in Indokistani calendar since that time.


Until March 2011, Indokistani president Farhan Abdurrahman successfully brings development in Indokistani Second Republic, several amused observers dubbed his era as the "golden era" of Indokistan. In April 2011, Ntolia was established by several peoples amused by ideals of Indokistan, which the country was welcomed by Indokistan initially. Ntolia then suddenly refused any assistance of Indokistan as they recognized Indokistan as their rival, then they established a declaration of war. Beside on this rivalry, no other obvious reasons surfaced as the catalyst of the declaration of war.


Attack on Farhangrad

Letter from Ntolians threatening Indokistan of invasion of Indokistan refused to give the proclamation text

A small-scale attacks launched by Ntolians on 6 April, when they stormed a building in Jumstraad and stole the original proclamation text and KistanRupiah money. Those attacks successfully repealed by Indokistani guards that had been ordered to escort the building after the threat letter was received on the previous day. The perperators was escaped but abandoned their stolen stuffs, which was taken and secured afterwards.

Following their first attack against Indokistan in 6 April, Ntolian army attacked again the national bank and stole RpY 800, but failed to bring it to Ntolian borders as Indokistani security officers tackled down the attackers.

Battle of Jumstraad

On the afternoon of 7 April, Ntolian army staged a full-scale invasion against Indokistan, with their primary target is the capital city of Jumstraad and the Bolshoiskii Building. Ntolian army offensives on the early minutes of the battle overwhelmed Indokistan, but later successfully balanced. With President Farhan and vice-president Dicky inside a security bunker with another refuging citizens, Commander of the Armed Forces Badra Shidqi and Prime Minister Nabil Ihsan led Indokistani troops to defeat the invaders. In the end of the day, Indokistani army successfully pushed back Ntolian invaders, bringing large defeat to Ntolians.

Negosiation attempt

After the failure of Ntolian invasion, they demanded a ceasefire so they can initiate a peace agreement. In 8 April, both parties met in Jumstraad and discussed on peace agreement. The negosiation ended in failure as Indokistani officials refused to continue the process.

After the failure on peace negosiation, Ntolians then revoke the ceasefire an initiate another wave of invasion on 9 April, yet ended in failure.

End of war

Their last attack on Indokistan was occured on 2 May, where they tried to kidnap Badra Shidqi and failed, as they crushed easily by his bodyguards.

Losses and defeats has greatly reduced their moral and brought a very bad effect to Ntolia. Indokistani government then finally agreed to signed a peace treaty with Ntolia, which ended the war on the following week.


Indokistani public outraged by Ntolian actions to declared war against Indokistan. They later promised to support Indokistani government in the time of crisis, which was proved during the first invasion on 7 April.

In an unpublished presidential speech in KistanTV, president Farhan Abdurrahman outragedly condemned Ntolian invasion, and he also called Ntolian people as barbaric, uncivilised, and "imitating Indokistan success". He also previously condemned Ntolian battle after the first invasion, in front of Indokistani public on evening 7 April.


Peace and stable relationship showed between both nation after the peace treaty, but the Ntolians later violated the agreement by ilegally enters Indokistani borders in armed, which led to a skirmish in August 2011.

To commemorate the heroic Indokistani peoples struggled for the nation in the war, 7 April had been declared as "Heroes Day", and the government declared the establishment of the Indokistan-Ntolian War commemorative medals, which was granted for four peoples.