Prime Minister of Indokistan

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Prime Minister of
Perdana Menteri Indokistan
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceJumstraad, Indokistan
AppointerPresident of Indokistan
Term length1 year
Inaugural holderMustafa Hakim (Only officeholder)
Formation20 September 2010
Abolished23 August 2012

Federal State of Indokistan

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Prime Minister of Indokistan (Indonesian: Perdana Menteri Indokistan) was the head of government in the Indokistani First and Second republics. The prime minister was appointed by the president and was not confined to a term limit.

Until the office's disbandment in 2013, Mustafa Hakim was the only officeholder. He was appointed by national founders after Indokistan's establishment in September 2010, and was reappointed by President Dicky L. K. on September 2011.

The prime minister position de facto vacant on February 2012 after Mustafa ascended to the presidency following Dicky's resignation that month. The office was disbanded in August 2012 following the establishment of Emergency Government of Indokistan, and the head of government's duty was transferred to the triumvirate and supreme National Salvation Council.

Powers and duties

As the head of government, the prime minister was required to establish a cabinet, with full discretion granted on naming ministers as pleased. The president, conventionally, would not veto the prime minister's cabinet composition. The prime minister usually hold the foreign affairs portfolio, thus became the only representative of Indokistan to outside world.

The prime minister also provided advice to the president on various matters, including on day-to-day governance, declaration of state of emergency, and proposing recipients of the orders, decorations, and medals of Indokistan.

Deputy prime minister

For a short period, Indokistani prime minister had a deputy. The position was established in November 2010 during the formation of the first cabinet, with Mustafa Hakim appointed Rifell N. as deputy prime minister (he concurrently served as minister of education). The deputy was intended to be the back-up for the prime minister, allocating tasks and jointly manages the duties.

In reality, the position was mainly ceremonial, as Mustaafa himself able to manage the government without needing support from his deputy. Realising this issue, he decided to not appoint another deputy prime minister on the April Cabinet.

Oath of office

Elected prime minister must read an oath of office before executing his duty. The oath was read only by Mustafa Hakim during his inauguration in September 2011. The English translation of the oath reads:

I, [name], will run the government and executing president's mandate, managing the parliament, and also executing justice.

List of prime minister

Mustafa Hakim was the only prime minister serving for two terms until its abolition. For a short period on his first term after formation of April Cabinet, he appointed Rifell N as his Deputy Prime Minister. Mustafa ruled until 15 February 2012 when Dicky L. K. resigned, forcing him to replacing Dicky. Not appointing anyone to became his successor as prime minister, the position was left vacant.

Name Term of office Deputy Prime Minister Political Party Cabinet President
Mustafa Hakim 16 September 2010 15 September 2011 Rifell N. National Party of Indokistan November NPI, CPI, IPI, Ind. Farhan Abbas
none United Republican Party April URP, PSP, IPI, Ind.
16 September 2011 15 February 2012 United Peoples Party September UPP, Ind. Dicky L. K.