Islamic Party of Indokistan

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Islamic Party of Indokistan
Partai Islam Indokistan
Leader Badra Shidqi
Founded November 2010
Dissolved 6 June 2011
Headquarters Jumstraad
Ideology Indokistani Islamism

Islamic Party of Indokistan (Indonesian: Partai Islam Indokistan) was a former political party in Indokistan established in November 2010. The party was founded by Islamist politician Badra Shidqi, with plead to spread Islamic values inside the country.

Because of Indokistani citizens low interests on religious activism, the party was failed to establish influence inside Indokistani society, which made them the smallest party inside the country until June 2011. Despite of this, Indokistani citizens was supportive to the party during April 2011 parliamentary election when the results only rewarded the party one seat, citizens support then caused the party to had instead three seats inside the Farhangrad Parliament. Despite of its relatively huge parliamentary influence, Islamic Party failed to secure a coalition, which caused the party powerless.

Farhan Abdurrahman's suggestion for political parties to merge in June 2011 was supported by Badra. On 6 June 2011, the Islamic Party merged with United Republican Party and Peoples Social Party to form United Peoples Party.