Islamic Party of Indokistan

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Islamic Party of Indokistan
LeaderBadra Shidqi
FoundedNovember 2010
Dissolved6 June 2011
Merged intoUnited People's Party
Political positionRight

The Islamic Party of Indokistan (Indonesian: Partai Islam Indokistan) was a former political party in Indokistan established in November 2010. The party was founded by Islamist politician Badra Shidqi, that aimed to spread Islamic values inside the country and to provide Islamists influence inside the secular Indokistan.

Because of Indokistani citizens low interest on religious activism, the party was failed to establish influence inside Indokistani society, which made them the smallest party until its disbandment. Despite of low support, Indokistani citizens was supportive on the party after the parliamentary election on April 2011 rewarded the party only one seat. Citizens action pressured the government to annul the election result was successful, and a compromise set by the government later awarded the party an extra two seats. Despite securing a significant parliamentary portion, the party failed to secure a coalition, which made the party the only opposition inside the parliament. A further defection of two MPs from Islamic Party further weakens the party power inside the parliament.

Farhan Abbas's suggestion for political parties to merge in June 2011 was supported by Badra, realising his party had failed to gain any influence inside Indokistan. On 6 June 2011, the Islamic Party merged with United Republican Party and Peoples Social Party to form United Peoples Party.

Election result

Election Ballot number Total seats won Share of votes Outcome of election Party leader
2011 3
1 / 10
10% 1 seat, Opposition Badra Shidqi