United People's Party

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United People's Party
Partai Persatuan Rakyat
Chairman Farhan Abdurrahman
Founded June 2011
Dissolved August 2012 (neglected)
January 2013 (disbanded)
Headquarters Jumstraad
Membership  (11) 12
Ideology Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
Official colors Red

United People's Party (Indonesian: Partai Persatuan Rakyat) was a former political party in Indokistan that formed as result of president Farhan Abdurrahman order to merge all post-January Revolution parties in Indokistan, which was the Peoples Social Party, United Republican Party, and Islamic Party of Indokistan in June 2011. Formation of this party started the second single-party era inside Indokistan, which ended only afterBobodolands-based Islamic Development Party established in June 2012.

Ideology of this party was based on centre-left ideals, particularly social democracy, but this party was also a catch-all party, remembering previous origins of parties merged that had various ideological basis, including Nationalism and Islamism. The party never had any political influence inside Indokistan, and was neglected by its members following the establishment of Emergency Government in August 2012.


Formation of this party was caused by long problem on Indokistani party politics. Grand coalition formed by United Republican Party and Peoples Social Party inside Farhangrad Parliament was seen ineffective since Islamic Party of Indokistan was remain an opposition. Became the only religious party inside the country causing the Islamic Party powerless. This was critisized by Farhan Abdurrahman.

He later address the Farhangrad Parliament session and argued that all parties inside the country should be united under one new party. His argument later widely supported, which was responded by rapid respond made by party leaders to signed the unity pact in June 2011, to dissolve their party and merge to the new social democratic party.


Establishment of this party made Indokistan a single-party state, which was criticised by Los Bay Petrosian Nasakom Party member, which said that Indokistan is converted into authoritarianism and fascism, which against the values of Pancasila and socialism[1]. This condemnation was countered by Nabil Ihsan on November 2011. On that time, he argued that the merging of parties was to avoid majority tyranny to minor parties, and that the formation of this party was a symbol that Indokistan is united on its political goals[2].


Never gained any political importance since its establishment, its members neglected it in August 2012 as result of Emergency Government authority. Because of its members never officially declared the disbandment of their party, as result of Indokistani national reform in 2013 that brought non-partisan politics to Indokistan, the government officially disbanded the party in January 2013.