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Flastraad City
Kota Flastraad
—  Municipality of Travenoras  —

Location of Flastraad is in Travenoraș
Municipality Bendera Indokistan 3.png Travenoras
 - Mayor Saifi Isa
Population (2011 census)
 - Total 7
Demonym Indokistani
Time zone WIB (w:UTC+7)

City of Flastraad (Indonesian: Kota Flastraad) was a city located in Central Indokistani province of Travenoras. It was established after Jumstraad after January Revolution in 2011, thus considered by its inhabitants as the "second city". It was the province community centre, since a city square and a swimming pool was located there. The city also once proposed to be the host of several foreign embassies, but it was later cancelled.


The name meaning of this city refers to its flatness, thus "flas" from "flat" in "Flastraad". Despite of existing several metres of height differences on its south and north point, citizens pointed that this city was flatter than Jumstraad and Trastraad, which both had more than 10 metres differences on its tip point.

Flastraad became the first city inside Indokistan to experienced actual security threat prior to Indokistan - Ntolian War. Several unidentified groups contaminated water supply of Flastraad, which only able to be recovered after several days. The city also hosts the first National Music and Arts Festival in June 2011, where Indokistani artists held several exhibitions and musicians performed, alongside their Indonesian compatriots.

Notable Places

  • Flastraad Square - Small square frequently used as a football field, comparably smaller than another one in Trastraad. A football competition called "Copa Indokistan" was held there in January 2012.
  • Flastraad Hall - A three-storey building hosting largest conference hall in Travenoras. Hosts Indokistan Music and Arts Festival in June 2011 and several school graduation ceremonies. The building was proposed to be used as foreign embassies, but later cancelled.