Dicky L. K.

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Dicky L. K.
Head of Indokistan Technology Development Center
In office
2012 - 2013
Predecessor Ali Akbar
Successor vacant
Member of the National Salvation Council
In office
26 August 2012 - 16 September 2012
Predecessor Mustafa Hakim (as President of Indokistan)
Successor Indokistani Federal Council
President of Indokistan
In office
16 September 2011 - 14 February 2012
Predecessor Farhan Abbas
Successor Mustafa Hakim
Vice President of Indokistan
In office
20 September 2010 - 15 September 2011
President Farhan Abbas
Predecessor Position established
Successor Badra Shidqi
Personal information
Born 1997 (age 26–27)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Citizenship Indokistan
Nationality Indonesia
Religion Islam

Dicky L. K. is a former Indokistani politician that, together with Farhan Abbas and Mustafa Hakim, founded Indokistan in 16 September 2010, for which he served as the country's first vice president. He became the second president of Indokistan, succeeding Farhan Abbas after 2011 election. Running a relatively stable country, he decided to resign from his position on February 2012 and took an early retirement.

Beside his political career, he was an important man on Indokistani literature and science. With several novels and opinion article he wrote enough to make him to became the most productive Indokistani writer ever. Before his retirement in the end of 2012, he was the head of ITDC, the only position he wished to retain as written on his resignation letter.

Micronational career

Vice president

One of the founders of Indokistan, he assumed the position of vice president accompanying Farhan Abbas. His position rather ceremonial since Farhan was active throughout his period and rarely need his assistance, but yet he still finishing his duty as vice president until 2011 election, on which he decided to took himself as candidate.


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His term as vice president ends in September 2011, and decided to run as presidential candidate in 2011 election, which he won. On his term as president, he appointed again Mustafa Hakim as prime minister.

On his era, Indokistan steadily grown as a stable country, especially on its internal affairs. He was a respected figure and become the most important on national politics. He was also influential on national media and information, by supporting the establishment of Indokistan News Network. He also changed the national anthem from Majulah Indokistan to an instrumental Lagu Kebangsaan shortly after the start of his regime. This move reflects Dicky's deep understanding and committment to Indokistani culture. He later also proposed changes to the national currency KistanRupiah, primarily on its fractions that was named Mir and Dior.

Indokistani first constitution was established on his term, after it was successfully ratified by the Parliament, which he later signed in 11 November 2011. On December 2011, Dicky, together with Los Bay Petrosian president Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman, authorised an embargo against Santos, which was ended in Santos demise.

On February 2012, he unexpectedly resigned due to personal problems, allegedly because of his dissapointment on his prime minister, which he accused him on overly overtook his role. Shortly after his resignation, Dicky was hospitalised, which caused Indokistani public to perceived that Dicky may had health problems that motivates him to resign. Nonetheless, his resignation indirectly caused a crisis on Indokistani government which was ended in the establishment of emergency government.

Post-presidential Era

After his retirement from political career, he was still a respected figure inside the country. He frequently asked for advice on art, information, and science fields due to his experience there. He also sometimes meet Mustafa Hakim to discuss about the recent development of Indokistan, since after his retirement, he lives outside Indokistani territory. On mid-2013, he fully retired from micronationalism, but he remain a respected figure in Indokistan because of his influence and contribution for the country, especially during the Second Republic era.


Awarded by Indokistan government

Political offices
Preceded by
Office Created
Vice President of Indokistan
20 September 2010 - 15 September 2011
Succeeded by
Badra Shidqi
Preceded by
Farhan Abbas
President of Indokistan
16 September 2011 - 15 February 2012
Succeeded by
Mustafa Hakim