Indokistani presidential election, 2011

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Indokistani presidential election, 2011

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13 September 2011
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Turnout 83%
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Candidate Dicky L. K. Badra Shidqi Nabil Ihsan
Party Independent Independent Independent
Home state Jumstraad Flastraad Jumstraad
Popular vote 9 7 3
Percentage 47.36% 36.82% 15.78%

Logo pemilu 2011.png

Official logo

President before election

Farhan Abdurrahman

Elected President

Dicky L. K.

Indokistani presidential election of 2011 (Indonesian: Pemilihan Presiden Indokistan tahun 2011) was an election took place in 13 September 2011 in order to elect new president succeeding Farhan Abdurrahman, that his term will ends in September 2011.

The election was seen as the most successful inside Indokistani history because of several reasons. 2011 election was the only election that uses physical voting booth (opened in Jumstraad), while in the next election, an online poll instead was used, remembering Indokistani citizens that began to live in far distance against each other. This election also became the one with most voters, with 19 out of 23 registered voters cast their votes.



Indokistani National Electoral Commission (NEB) at that time declared that number of eligible voters were 23 peoples, after verifying the results of previous census. All of 23 eligible voters were automatically registered as voters by the commission. NEB later decided to set voting booth only in Jumstraad, remembering that majority of Indokistani citizens live in Jumstraad, and close proximity and easy access between the city with Flastraad and Trastraad.

In 13 September, from total 23 registered voters, 19 voters cast their votes, while 4 more does not vote. It was later revealed that from 4 non-voting citizens, 3 were outside Indokistan during voting period, while one others were deliberately abstaining.


Federal State of Indokistan

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In August 2011, NEB opened registration for citizens that wishes to become candidate for the presidential election. There were no official requirements for candidates. As the registration closed in 23 August, there were four citizens registering themselves as presidential candidate. One citizen later dropped his presidential bid, which makes the final candidates were Vice President Dicky L. K., Prime Minister Nabil Ihsan, and Minister of Defence Badra Shidqi. Despite all of the candidates hold political party membership, all candidates instead decided to run as independent candidate.


NEB allowed a campaign period for candidates in order to gather votes for them in 13 September. The campaign period was peaceful and there were no incident occured. Campaign period was closed in 12 September, giving NEB short time to preparing logistics and voting booth for the voting process on the next day.

Presidency note

During the campaign period, NEB also obliged candidates to publish their "presidency note". Presidency note (Indonesian: Nota Kepresidenan) was a list of their governing plan after being elected president. NEB obliged its publication in order to give chance for Indokistani public to check on the elected president policies consistency with their presidential note in the future.

Only Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan published the note, while Badra Shidqi does not. There were no penalty or disqualification for candidates failed to publish their note, thus Badra still able to retain his presidential bid.

On his note, Dicky L. K. promised to set a new implementation of environmental policies, to lower the national tax, and to expand national territory. He also planned to restore diplomatic relations with Nameless and Ntolia, which Indokistan still under conflict with them at that time. Dicky planned to have the national economy system set at mixed system, and will continue the single-party policy.

Nabil Ihsan plead to support technology development and reinforcement of the military. He also promised to introduce tactics to promote Indokistan to the world, to gain citizens, and to implement "cultural revolution". He planned to set the national economy system as socialist, to establish diplomatic relations with more countries, and to continue the implementation of the single-party policy.


No. Candidate Votes (Number) Votes (Percentage)
1 Dicky L. K. 9 47.34%
2 Nabil Ihsan 3 15.78%
3 Badra Shidqi 7 36.82%
total 19 out of 23 83%


The inauguration were held in Farhangrad Building, Jumstraad in 16 September 2011 in 2:10 PM Indokistani time. The inauguration were witnessed by one people, and finished in a short duration, with less that 20 minutes.

On the event, the ceremony was started by hearing the national anthem before Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan were sworn as president and prime minister by Farhan Abdurrahman, and in the end of the ceremony, Farhan delivered his last speech as president.