Vice President of Indokistan

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Vice President of
Wakil Presiden Indokistan
New COA Indokistan.png
StyleHis Excellency
Term lengthOne year
Inaugural holderDicky L. K.
Formation20 September 2010
Final holderBadra Shidqi
AbolishedOctober 2011

Vice President of Indokistan (Indonesian: Wakil Presiden Indokistan) was a former political post existed in Indokistan. The position was established in September 2010 with Dicky L. K. as the first, which was replaced by Badra Shidqi in 2011 before shortly disbanded in October 2011.


During the meeting shortly after the declaration of establishment of Indokistan, it was agreed that Dicky L. K. would be the first vice president. This was a compromise so to give all founders of Indokistan a high position inside the newly-formed country. The initial plan was that the vice president have higher role than the prime minister, but in reality the prime minister emerged higher than vice president, overshadowing him.

The vice president position, despite of its strong appearance, was merely ceremonial, with minor tasks and influences inside Indokistani politics. This issue forcing the vice president to find another way to influencing and be recognized by the country, which was done by both vice presidents. Dicky L. K. decided to concentrate on his literature career instead to made him popular in Indokistani public, while Badra Shidqi already renowned as a strong militarymen.

After his victory in 2011 election, the position of vice president was largely considered unimportant, with Dicky L. K. appointing Badra Shidqi as vice president merely on formality purposes. In October 2011, the position was literally forgotten and abandoned by its only successor, even without any public criticism. The position of vice president was failed to be made official in the constitution as there was no provision to regulate it - the prime minister instead was installed as the second in the line of succession, further reduced the necessity of vice president role. Resignation of Dicky L. K. in February 2012 and ascession of Nabil Ihsan as president sealed the hope for the restoration of vice presidential office.

List of vice president

Portrait Name Term of office Form of entry President
Picture 004.jpg Dicky L. K. 16 September 2010 15 September 2011 Indirect appointment
Picture 039.jpg
Farhan Abdurrahman
Picture 038.jpg Badra Shidqi 16 September 2011 October 2011 Second place in 2011 election
Picture 004.jpg
Dicky L. K.