Cussex Region

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Anglian State of Cussex
Negara Bagian Anglia Cussex
Flag of Anglian State of Cussex
Air development
State of Federal State of Indokistan
Founded byRayhan Haikal
CapitalGovernorate Area, Sutton, Brightonshire
 • GovernorRayhan Haikal
 • Total271 + 27 km2 (281 sq mi)
 • Total13
DemonymsIndokistani, Cussexian
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)

Cussex (short from "Central Upper Section"), was an Indokistani state established based on former Raflesinesian Republic landclaims after their unification to Indokistan on 2 February 2013. It was consisted of 3 provinces and 6 communes.[1]

The state became a region with advanced economy, and was an example of economic development inside Indokistan, with the state income are the highest among Indokistani states. Its governor Rayhan Haikal runs the state economy based on capitalistic economy, with Centrino Group became the dominant player on Cussex economy.

Since the end of 2015, the state became largely inactive with its leader consistently absent from National Forum sessions. Cussex was dissolved on 5 July 2016 because during the transitional period before the dissolution of Indokistan, Cussex government decided that the state would be dissolved.


Cussex Region is divided to provinces, and further divided into communes.


No. Province Code Capital Population
1 Westorney WSR Fornheim 2
2 Brightonshire BRT Sutton 7
3 Mansfield MSF Castille 4
Latest update on June 2014

No. Commune Code Capital Population
1 Stillenham STH Castille 3
2 Lutonshire LTS Truro 2
3 Newstiltson NWS Newstilts 1
4 Bristol BRI Hatherley 2
4 Colchester CLC Skegness 2
4 Grandeur GRD Covenant Grandeur 1
5 Sutton STN Sutton 2
6 Westorney upon Marrow WMR Fornheim 2
Latest update on June 2014
Military Strongholds

No. Area Code Branch
1 Camp Hastons-Koskenniemi ACi Army
2 Fornheim-Westorney RZ Air Force
3 Stillenham RX Army (+Spec Ops)
4 Teesbridge RXv Air Force/Navy
5 Camp Ashton RKz Air Force (Helicopter Sqn.)
6 Edgewell RJc Mixed
Latest update on June 2014