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Residential Zone/City
"Brights" "Blighty" "Breggo"
"Enchanting Brighton"
State Cussex
EstablishedSeptember 2013
 • Governor of CussexRayhan Haikal
 • Total25 km2 (10 sq mi)
 • Land21 km2 (8 sq mi)
 • Water4 km2 (2 sq mi)
15 m (49 ft)
 • Total4
 • Density0.16/km2 (0.41/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)
Vehicle registration
  • Wellies: LA
  • Cunningham Loop : LC
  • Hatherley : LN
  • Covenant Grandeur: LY
  • Bless : LZ
  • Skegness and Picasso: LE
  • Little Italy : LK

Brighton is one of the cities in Cussex, established on February 2013, as a huge residential area that covered over 25 km2. Brighton also known to have 1 km long high-speed turn and tricky course for governmental use to test ride new vehicles. Served as the biggest residential area, with total macronational population of over 70,000 people, 4 of them listed as Cussexian.


Brighton dates back to the late 80's and early 90's when Indonesian president, at that time, expanded the development progress to an area southeast of Jakarta when the first fruit park opened there. During the progress, many developer companies were building their next project of residential zone, redeeming their lack of space on the city. As the result, 3 large sized residential zone unveiled.

The city was a no-one land, even though Farhan Abbas and Dicky L.K lived there, until February 2, 2013 when Raflesinesian Republic reunified with Indokistan. At the beginning of reunified days, Brighton remains a no man's land until late September 2013. First, the city was composed out of 1 residential area: Citra Gran, now called Grandeur. As the growth continued, The governor explored 2 other housing estates (Kota Wisata; or Bristol and Legenda Wisata; or Colchester) and annex them to Brighton. This raised some benefit for the Cussex mail company, as they now be able to operate extended range. The 4th member of Brighton: Little Italy, joined early 2014.