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Federal State of Indokistan

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Since Indokistan began to be involved in worldwide micronational acitivity, especially since its start of activity inside MicroWiki community, Indokistan committed into "free, active, and non-intervention" principles to conducting diplomacy with fellow micronations and to contribute the local micronational community and worldwide micronationalism in general.

Indokistan has established diplomatic relations in the form of formal and informal relationships since February 2011, Los Bay Petros was the first nation to recognize Indokistan, by pursuing diplomatic relations with Indokistan. The historical moment occurred on 14 February, and that day has been celebrated as Alliance Day since 2012, and become an annual observance every year. The number of micronations who have opened diplomatic relations with Indokistan has been steadily growing since that time.

Foreign policy

On its foreign relations and its policy, Indokistani government established a principles as basis for its activities and to be followed by citizens. The principles are "active, free, non-interventionist", and became official after the basis was included to the constitution in January 2015.

Active on this principles means that Indokistan shall be active to contribute to development of micronationalism wherever Indokistan active. Free means that Indokistan must be free to do any activities on Indokistan's own power without threats and force from foreign powers. Non-interventionist policy will prevent Indokistan from involved and interfering in any foreign nation internal policies.

Indokistan intially maintained a balanced foreign relations between all sectors and micronations throughout the world, but it was drifting away in 2013 until 2014, when Indokistani foreign policy became increasingly Indonesian and Southeast Asian-centrist, with micronations located outside the sector are no longer the focus of Indokistani foreign policy. Indokistani government no longer requesting foreign micronations outside the sector to establish foreign relations, and interactions with them dramatically decreased. Because of this, Indokistan has successfully gained a status of regional power, but failed to gain larger influence outside the sector.

Micronational relations

Countries listed in italic denotes micronations that already inactive, dissolved, or continued by a successor whose does not follow foreign policy of its predecessor (which already signed a treaty with Indokistan), yet Indokistani government does not revoke the official recognition.

Countries with which Indokistan has signed a treaty of mutual recognition

Other countries which Indokistan recognizes

Notable relations

This is the list of micronations that has a notable events regarding about particular diplomatic events and work projects made by Indokistan and nation noted. Nations written below are sort by period of first contacts.

Los Bay Petros

Indokistan and Los Bay Petros have become bestfriend since LBP become the first nation to recognize Indokistan in February of 2011. LBP has been allowed a special place in Indokistani foreign relations since that time. Indokistan had an embassy and a cultural center in Bayrschtein, and Los Bay Petros also has its embassy in Flastraad.

Indokistan and Los Bay Petros are sometimes considered as sister nations, since several micronationalists have said that Indokistan had a very similar characteristics to Los Bay Petros.

Out of discussions between Los Bay Petros (and Raflesinesia) on 19 June 2012, the nations agreed to establish a union named the "LIR Union". These nations step further on their relationship in 2014, when both governments agreed to commit on a formation of a confederation called Madyaraksa, which was failed after Los Bay Petrosian government suddenly recalled their delegates during talks, and is no longer supported today.


Relations with Raflesinesia began when Raflesinesian predecessor, Little Britain, was established in February, 2012. A conflict was occured when it was find out that their government had a false claim that they once related to Indokistan and seceded, ended in a protest letter sent to the Little Britain government. Little Britain government later publicly apologizes on the problem. This incident in fact starting relations and cooperations between both countries, furthermore after Prime Minister Rayhan Haikal officially visit Indokistan.

After that incident, Indokistan and Raflesinesia had established warm and stable relations, agreeing to a diplomatic relation pact in July 2012, and sharing borders with the Indokistani province of Slobodan. Finally, from discussions between Los Bay Petros and Raflesinesia on 19 June 2012, the parties agreed to establish a union named the LIR Union.

Raflesinesia officially become part of Indokistan after their proposal on the reunification with Indokistan was accepted, and the reunification act was signed by both government on February 2013, made Raflesinesia an Indokistani territories under the new name, Cussex. Ironically, media called this merger as "unification" - referring to Raflesinesian claims that they once part of Indokistan - despite this is the first and only time when Raflesinesia joined Indokistan.


Relations with Monovia were started after Harry Fitzpatrick sent a letter to Nabil Ihsan, asking for an audience with him on Skype. On Skype, he was expressing his idea to establishing a new nation with Indokistan, later, Indonovia was established as a confederation. Another nation, Raflesinesia also joined the confederation, with Lurk Federation and Burkland lend their territory to Indonovia.

Indonovian project later cancelled after Monovia joins Renasia as a special autonomous region, which causes Indokistani government to lose their will to continuing Indonovia. Despite of the failure, this proposal was written as the first from several attempts took by Indokistani government to merge the country with other micronations to establish a greater country.


Arkapore and its predecessor has been in relation with Indokistan since 2011, they inconsistently joined and left Indokistan as province, republic, then a state. First contact with Arkapore was started from its predecessor, Bobodolands Barakstan in the end of 2011.

Indokistan and Bobodolands Barakstan started to bound in diplomatic relations in 2011, before decided to join Indokistan, but left shortly. Bobodolands Barakstan then rejoin Indokistan to be one of its republics in the Federal Republic of Indokistan, and decided to stay in Indokistan despite of Al Rasyid Darussalam secession in end of 2012, which makes people convinced on his loyalty to Indokistan, after for several times condemned as a capricious man.

Barakstan made a significant contribution in Indokistan, and its leader Tian Abdurrahman was appointed president in June 2013 after an election. Barakstan then decided to left Indokistan after ideological differences, and to change their name to Arkapore in January 2014.

First recognition of Indokistan to Arkapore was started in rough way, because of an action of blockade that was done by Arkaporean government in January 2014, which was revealed as a protest against Indokistani influence there. Indokistan and Barakstan then opened diplomatic relations in February 2014 after restoration on relations and the conflict has been resolved. Currently, both countries engaged in a stable and friendly relations, despite of its perilous past.

Micronational activities

Indonesian micronationalism

Indokistan is highly active in development of Indonesian micronationalism, and is considered as a regional power among micronations in Indonesia due to its influence and contribution to Indonesian micronations.

Indokistan has a significant role in establishing the Association of Indonesian Micronations alongside with Los Bay Petros in June 2011, and the formation of LIR Union with Los Bay Petros and Raflesinesia in 2012.

Micronational organisations

Indokistan has been a founding member of the Association of Indonesian Micronations since June 2011, and also a founding member of Micronational Association of Southeast Asia since its establishment in June 2013. Indokistan also a member of LIR Union since June 2012.

Indokistan also once an observer of Grand Unified Micronational until October 2012, and a full member again since February 2014 until early 2015. Indokistan was formerly a member of Organisation of Active Micronations from February 2011 until its dissolution in 2012, and member of the Micronational Cartography Society since August 2011 until end of 2015.

State enemies

Indokistan can brand any nation as an "enemy of the state", if the nation seen as a threat that can damage national sovereignty. State enemy status will prevent Indokistan on establishing relations on the enemy and is on defensive system against the "enemy of the state".

Indokistan government attempts to pursue peaceful and mutual foreign relations with any micronation, anywhere in the world, and attacking any micronation is undesired by the government. However, Indokistan is not a pacifist country, and the nation is always ready to protect its people and allies.

Despite of Indokistani committment of peaceful relationship, Indokistan had experienced strained relations with some countries, and also engaging in war and battles against other nations. The nations are listed below are these nations that have had relations with Indokistan, but these relations were revoked unilaterally after these nations dissapprovable actions.

No. Nation Conflict Action taken - Date started Until (Reason)
1 Republic of Ntolia Indokistan - Ntolian War War - April 2011 May 2011 (Peace Treaty signed, Ntolia dissolved)
2 Nameless Nameless Betrayal Confrontation - April 2011 August 2011 (Recognized by Indokistani government, Nameless dissolved)
3 Federal Republic of Santos Dissapprovable actions; Plagiarism Embargo - November 2011 March 2012 (Revoked, Santos dissolved)
4 Malindo 2014 Malindo Conflict Confrontation - February 2014
5 Republic of St. John Dissapprovable actions; Racial acts and harassment to the President and the religion of AIM members Embargo + DMZ activated on R1 border - 4 June 2014 July 2015 (St. John dissolved)