Republic of Ekaslavia

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Republic of Ekaslavia
Republik Ekaslavia

Banten, Indonesia
Official languagesBahasa Indonesia
GovernmentDemocratic dictatorship republic
• President
Andreas Kevin
Establishment9 May 2015
Time zoneUTC +7

The Republic of Ekaslavia (Indonesian: Republik Ekaslavia) is a micronation founded on 9 May 2015 and is located on Indonesian province of Banten. Ekaslavia is led by Andreas Kevin under democratic dictatorship system.


Ekaslavia is composed from two words, Indonesian word "Eka" and word "slavia". Word "Eka" in Indonesian means one - describing the micronation with its single citizen - and "slavia" means anything related with Slav people and culture, because of its founder like of Slavic culture.


Ekaslavia have three official sports, which is football, chess, and table tennis. Football becomes official after the government trusted this sport to unite all youths inside the country, while chess is believed to bring benefit for brain health.