Barakstani blockade on the Indokistani embassy

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Barakstani blockade on Indokistani embassy
Part of Arkapore-Indokistan relations
Date13–20 January 2014
Result Blockade lifted; Barakstani demand fulfilled
Barakstan Indokistan
Commanders and leaders
Tian Abdurrahman Rayhan Haikal

An action of blockade was imposed by newly-seceded Barakstani government against regions of Providenciales and North Los Baraya - where Indokistani embassy was located, under pretext to "protecting the country from foreign influence". The blockade started from 13 January 2014 after an official declaration by leader Tian Abdurrahman and lasted for 7 days, before Arkaporean government agreed to retract the blockade.


Governor of Indokistani state of Barakstan, Tian Abdurrahman, declared separation of Barakstan from Indokistan to establish an independent country on 6 January 2014, which responded by shock inside the National Forum, but powerless to oppose the secession.

Tian Abdurrahman failed to give reason on why he decided to separate from Indokistan, which caused dissappointment from Indokistan. As a sign of friendship and goodwill as Tian wants to establish good relations with Indokistan despite of the separation, he decided to lend the region of Providenciales to Indokistan, which later was used as an embassy of Indokistan in Barakstan.


On 13 January 2014, Tian Abdurrahman declared an action of blockade on region of North Los Baraya and Providenciales on Association of Indonesian Micronations general assembly. Reason given by him to block those region are "to protecting the country from foreign influence". Tian Abdurrahman declares that he will revoke the blockade after negosiation with Indokistan, which was made clear that Barakstani actual target on the blockade - the "foreign influence" - was Indokistan.

Fact that Indokistani embassy was affected by the blockade forced Indokistani government to react, with first attempt was done by Farhan Abbas by persuading Tian Abdurrahman to repeal the blockade, since it will harm the country itself. Responding on this, Tian issued several conditions that Indokistani government should do to make him revoke the blockade, which he demanded that Indokistan should recognize Barakstani independence, establish diplomatic relations with Barakstan, and to provide explanation on plan of development of Providenciales region that was granted to Indokistan.

Indokistan and Barakstan agreed to settle the problem in peaceful way. When both countries finally sign a diplomatic treaty, Barakstan lift the blockade and allowed the region to be accessed again.


The blockade severely hampered attempts to improve relations between Indokistan and Tian Abdurrahman personally, that was already on its low during that time. Indokistani government decision to veto Barakstani membership motion in a Micronational Association of Southeast Asia general assembly meeting that caused Barakstan to fail its membership application on February 2014, partly caused by this conflict.