Administrative divisions of Indokistan

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Federal State of Indokistan

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Federal State of Indokistan was divided into three states and one federal city. The states further divided into cities or municipalities. All states inside Indokistan are established as result of state unification, with latest addition was Aziziyah in 2014.

Federal State of Indokistan
3 States
1 Federal City


Indokistan was actually a city-state, and began to be divided as smaller unit since January 2011, when city of Jumstraad, Flastraad, and Trastraad was formed, with Jumstraad fixed as national capital. This division survived until May 2012, when Bobodolands Barakstan joined Indokistan and contribute to establishment of two new provinces, with three first cities were united as Suyaj-Ardab province. This period is the first time when the term "province" (provinsi) used. The third province, Centralotus was formed in June 2012, by an Indokistani diaspora in Indonesia. In August 2012, position of the capital city was replaced from Jumstraad, to border city of Koskenniemi in Slobodan.

Indokistan experienced its first federation in September 2012, when Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam and Bobodolands Barakstan merged with Indokistan. Resulting in three constituent states, those are called "republic" (republik). In October 2012, the federation was failed, and term "province" (provinsi) reused again for the constituents. One of the constituent, Al Rasyid Darussalam, left Indokistan on December 2012.

Term "division" (divisi) began to be used after national reform in early 2013, especially after addition of Raflesinesia to form Cussex and Wirasena. To cope with the newly-formed division, Indokistani government decided to merge four provinces - Centralotus, Normandia, Slobodan, and Travenoras - as Central Indokistan in March 2013.

Indokistan turned to its last form on 5 July 2013, which all of the provinces converted as "state" (negara bagian), and capital city were moved to Suwarnakarta. in January 2014, one of the state, Barakstan, left the Federal State after a conflict, and the first post-federal division, Aziziyah, was accepted as full state.


Indokistan was composed by 3 states (Indonesian: negara bagian) and one federal city (Indonesian: kota federal) on its first-tier hierarchy. These states were formed by union of sovereign micronations to Indokistan, while the federal city was formed to serve as the national capital.

List of states

Flag State Established Statehood Governor Capital Cities Abbrev.
30 October 2013 1 January 2014 Aziz Pahlevi Al Majidiyah 4 AZY
Anglian State,
2 February 2013 5 July 2013 Rayhan Haikal Sutton 23 CSX
Central Indokistan
March 2013 5 July 2013 Farhan Abbas New Coatesville 11 CIK
Federal City,
5 July 2013
Mustafa Hakim
Federal city


A city (Indonesian: kota) or municipalities (Indonesian: munisipalitas) and regency (Indonesian: kabupaten) was considered as the second-tier of Indokistani administrative divisions system. The constitution only provides the disctinction that cities and municipalities were formed of regions inhabited by active citizens, otherwise the region would be a regency.


Throughout administrative divisions history of Indokistan, the hierarchy stops on the second tier, except on several occassions that was generally short-lived.

During the Federal Republic era (Sep-Oct 2012), when the city was reformed as the third-tier on the hierarchy, due to establishment of "Republic" as the first-tier, and "Province" on the second. The city returned to its second-tier position after the restoration of the Unitary state in October 2012.

Historical divisions

Prior to the establishment of the Federal State in 2013, Indokistan experienced various changes on its administrative division hierarchy before settled to the last system.


During the First Republic and Socialist Republic era in 2010 until early 2011, Indokistan was initially a city-state (Indonesian: negara kota). No regional governments were formed at that time as the authority were yet to divide the country administration. Indokistan ceased to be a city state during the formation of the Second Republic in early 2011.


Province (Indonesian: provinsi) was used as the first-tier administrative divisions system of the Second Republic from May 2012. The nomenclature survived the Emergency Government regime in August until September 2012, and the Federal Republic in September until October 2012. During the Federal Republic era, the province were converted to be the second-tier on the hierarchy.


Division (Indonesian: divisi) was used as the first-tier administrative division system of the Provisional Government regime in early 2013.


Department (Indonesian: departemen) was used as the second-tier administrative division system of the Provisional Government regime in early 2013. The nomenclature was used only to accomodate "provinces" of the newly-formed Central Indokistan division, as there were no other divisions that used the same system, instead immediately divided their division by municipalities.

Administrative divisions dissolved before 5 July 2016

Flag Name Established Dissolved Last Governor Last Status Capital Abbrev.
Al Rasyid Darussalam 16 September 2012 18 December 2012 Abdul Rasyid I Province Bandar Rasyidin ARD
Bobodolands 16 September 2012 4 January 2014 Tian Abdurrahman State Kota Dacoen BBD
Solovyovagrad 14 August 2011 February 2016 Ali Akbar Province Kratsin SVY
Wirasena 18 March 2013 January 2014 Deden S State Kota Wirasena WSN