Indokistani constitutional referendum, 2012

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Federal State of Indokistan

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A referendum on Indokistani constitution was took place in 28 January until 2 February 2012 in Indokistan. The referendum asked citizens whether to accept the amended version of the referendum or not accept it. Beside on the constitution, proposed disbandment of Indokistani military also being asked to the citizens. On the referendum, Indokistani citizens decided to accept the new amended constitution, while also declared their opposition to the disbandment of the military.


Constitutional amendment

Indokistani constitution was ratified as the basic law for the country in November 2011, after parliamentarians and citizens showed their petition as a form of support for the new constitution. In January 2011, it was found out that there were mistakes and errors on several clauses inside the constitution text. The foundings triggered several parliamentarians to propose the amendment of the constitution.

The constitutional convention led by Nabil Ihsan successfully correct the mistakes, and forwarded the amended version to the Parliament, which immediately approves the text. Some parliamentarians later proposed a nationwide referendum before allowing the new amended constitution to be used, to see does Indokistani public accepts the amended version. The referendum was also seem as a way to continue the tradition of "constitutional petition" - Indokistani citizens publicly showed their support - as like the procedure before the ratification of the constitution in November 2011.

Military issue

Discourse on the disbandment of Indokistan Armed Forces was started by Farhan Abdurrahman in January 2011. Farhan claimed that the Indokistani military was useless, since Indokistan never had any military conflicts since July–August 2011, and there were no military threats against Indokistan at that time. He said that even without any organised military, Indokistan still able to survive.

Seeing that a constitutional referendum was imminent, Farhan then proposed the disbandment of the military to be the second question on the referendum. After discussions with parliamentarians, his second question was agreed to be added on the ballot paper. Before the vote, only Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan who shares the same opinion with Farhan.


There were two questions on the referendum. The first question was to ask citizens support or opposition on the new amended constitution - opposition means that the citizens preferred the old version of the constitution. The second question was on the proposed disbandment of the armed forces.

The question asked to the citizens on the ballot paper were:

1. Do you agree on the amended version of our Constitution?
2. Do you support the disbandment of our Armed Forces?


Out from 23 citizens, 15 of them were voted, while 8 others does not cast their vote, whether because of inaccessibility or deliberate abstention. The numbers of citizens voted fulfill the required number, thus the results was legal.

Constitutional amendment

Options Votes % Result
Yes 15 100 Constitutional amendment accepted
No 0 0
Total votes 15 100
Registered voters/turnout 23 65,2

Disbandment of the Armed Forces

Options Votes % Result
Yes 3 20
No 12 80 Disbandment of the Armed Forces rejected
Total votes 15 100
Registered voters/turnout 23 65,2


With entire Indokistani citizens support the amended constitution, it was immediately approved to be used. The constitution then survives until the Emergency Government of Indokistan established in August 2012, and its law superseded the constitution with its own Emergency Act. The next form of Indokistan then does not declare whether to uses the 2011 constitution or not. While there were no any declaration to repeal the constitution, it was basically ignored. Ratification of the new constitution in 2014 finally replaced the 2011 constitution, that was actually already turned obsolete for years.

Proposal to disband Indokistan Armed Forces was failed, with only 3 votes supporting the motion. Farhan's prediction that the military would be useless turned out to be false, as Indokistan later experienced another physical military conflict in October 2012 and it plays a vital role in August 2013, during the intervention to Ivanesia (which preceded the 2014 Malindo Conflict). Disbandment of the armed forces only occured in April 2016 before the dissolution of Indokistan, four years after the proposal to initiate it failed.