Bolshoiskii Parliament

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Bolshoiskii Parliament
Parlemen Bolshoiskii
Парлемен Болшоиский
Republic of Indokistan
COA Indokistan 4.png
Type Unicameral
Speaker Nabil Ihsan, United Peoples Party
since October 2011
Members 10
Meeting place
Bolshoiskii Building, Jumstraad

Bolshoiskii Parliament (Indonesian:Parlemen Bolshoiskii) was the former legislature of Indokistan existing between October 2011 until early 2013. The parliament was formed as the effect of the controversial policy of De-Farhanization staged against Farhan Abdurrahman. The parliament runs until March 2013, when the national reform disbanded the parliament, and was replaced by the National Forum of Indokistan.


The parliament was established as effect from controversial policy of De-Farhanization staged in October 2011. Bolshoiskii name derived from the renamed seat of parliament building, that itself came from Russian word Bolshoi (большой) that means "great" or "huge".

The national constitution was passed by the parliament in 11 November 2011, after several of its members signed a petition, together with another members of Indokistani society, to support the process to ratify the constitution draft previously presented on the session floor.

After inactivity plagued the country in 2012, the Emergency Government was formed on August the same year. The new authority relieved all parliament members from their duty, citing their inactivity as reason on their decision. Despite all members was fired, the parliament still not yet being officially dissolved, yet was left dormant.

During the Federal Republic and the Third Republic period, Bolhoiskii Parliament was unused, those authorities instead using their respective nomenclatures and compositions on their legislatures.

Bolshoiskii Parliament was revived in January 2013, only to be dissolved after several sessions in March 2013 during the Provisional Government regime, with National Forum of Indokistan established as its replacement.

Federal State of Indokistan

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The parliament begins with around 8 members (excluding speaker) that starting their term of office in October 2011. Those members are either from United Peoples Party or independents, because of Indokistani adherence on single-party policy at that time. This is the list of members of Bolshoiskii Parliament until 2012:

Name Coalition
Vito P Independent
Adam W
Davi D
Helmi Dwi
Ali Akbar United Peoples Party
Rifell N
Rizky Aulia
Ezsa Z
Preceded by: Legislature of Indokistan Succeded by: Bendera Indokistan 3.png
Farhangrad Parliament 16 October 2011 - March 2013 National Forum of Indokistan