Farhangrad Parliament

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Farhangrad Parliament

Parlemen Farhangrad
Republic of Indokistan
Coat of arms or logo
Deputy Speaker
Political groups
Coalition Government
  •   PSR (3)
  •   PPR (4)


Party-list proportional representation
Last election
March 2011
Meeting place
Farhangrad Building, Jumstraad

Farhangrad Parliament (Indonesian: Parlemen Farhangrad) was the former unicameral parliament of Indokistan established in March 2011 to consolidate national political system after the January Revolution. The parliament was named for the president at that time, Farhan Abbas, on the height of his personality cult inside Indokistan.

The parliament was disbanded in October 2011 during De-Farhanization, solely because of the parliament name that bears the name "Farhan". Bolshoiskii Parliament was established to replaced the Farhangrad Parliament shortly after that.


Before March 2011, Indokistan had no formal legislature despite of existing political parties, which at that time the national government itself that had legislative powers. After January Revolution, with political system consolidation underway, it was seem that the executive must immediately relieved their legislative powers and to establish a parliament. This was agreed by president Farhan Abbas, by declaring an election that will took place in March 2011.

A parliamentary election was successfully held in March 2011. Despite of that, the election results was rejected by Indokistani citizens, because of suspected anti-Islamic bias that causing the Islamic Party to gain only one seat. After several considerations, President Farhan then bows to public pressure and decided to not to ratify election results. A political convention later was held and the new parliamentary seats was distributed equally between parties, that resulting in the more proportional seats distribution.

Federal State of Indokistan

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Farhangrad Parliament had 10 members, which was equally distributed to each existing political parties during post-parliamentary electons compromise in March 2011. With Mustafa Hakim (an PPR member) position was undisputed, the United Republican Party gained parliamentary plurality.

Name Party City
Farhan Abbas PSR Jumstraad
Ali Akbar PPR
Rizky Aulia PSR
Hilmy A IPI
Rifell N PSR Flastraad
Dicky L. K. PPR
Mustafa Hakim PPR
Badra Shidqi IPI
Sayfi I PPR
Lukman H IPI Trastraad

Preceded by: Legislature of Indokistan Succeded by: [[File:{{{image}}}|30x30px]]
None March 2011 - October 2011 Bolshoiskii Parliament