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People's Social Party

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Peoples Social Party
Partai Sosial Rakyat
Leader Farhan Abdurrahman
Founded October 2010
Dissolved 6 June 2011
Headquarters Flastraad
Ideology Socialism
Marxism-Leninism (Former)

People's Social Party (Indonesian: Partai Sosial Rakyat) was the former political party in Indokistan. The party was previously known as Communist Party that was established in October 2011. The party merged with other two Indokistani political parties at that time to form United Peoples Party in June 2011.


Communist Party

Shortly after its establishment in October 2010, the party quickly gained influence among Indokistani citizens. Several weeks after its establishment, the Socialist Party and Liberal Party decision to merge with the Communist Party, greatly strengthening the influence of the party inside Indokistan. In December 2010, the party was the main culprit of the coup that overthrown Farhan Abdurrahman and installed a communist authority inside Indokistan, establishing the Socialist Republic of Indokistan.

The party attempt to ruling the country was cut short after citizens revolt in January 2011 that restored the previous government. New government under Farhan Abdurrahman later decided to ban the party because of its involvement on the coup before. In February 2011, government ban on the Communist Party was revoked, thus allowing the party to continue their political activities.

Peoples Social Party

The Communist Party later changed their name on May 2011, to imitate the National Party move to change their name too. Beside of that, the party officials also wishes to soften their appearance to Indokistani public, and as an attempt to dissociate themself with the Socialist Republic of Indokistan. Farhan Abdurrahman later joined the party and became its leader, despite few months earlier ban the party.

The party later merged with United Republican Party and Islamic Party of Indokistan to form United Peoples Party in June 2011, a move that was proposed and sanctioned by its own chairman Farhan Abdurrahman.