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National Forum of Indokistan

Forum Nasional Indokistan
Coat of arms or logo
وَأَمْرُهُمْ شُورَى بَيْنَهُمْ
" conduct their affairs by mutual consultation.."
Meeting place
Online multichat forum

Federal State of Indokistan

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The National Forum of lndokistan (Indonesian: Forum Nasional Indokistan, also known by its Indonesian short name Fornas, from Forum Nasional) was an entity served as national legislature of the Federal State of Indokistan. The forum unites all active Indokistani individuals to share their proposals, responds, and votes on actions and laws that should be done by the government.

It was officially established as aftermath of a reform started in early 2013, to replace the previous legislature that went down on a political crisis in 2012. The national forum adopted the phrase Wa Amruhum Syura Bainahum (وَأَمْرُهُمْ شُورَى بَيْنَهُمْ, conduct their affairs by mutual consultation,..) as the motto, reflecting its function and how the forum runs.

President was the designated head of the National Forum, which characterizes the unique feature of Indokistani direct democracy, as the National Forum too is the core part of the direct democracy system.


The National Forum officially established as national legislature for the Provisional Government in March 2013. With the succeding Federal State adopted the Forum as the national legislature, the National Forum status recognised by the constitution in January 2014. The name "Forum" itself reflecting the reality that the sessions of the legislature always occurred in an online forum, that during the official formation in 2013 was taken as the official name.

Several important decisions were made on the Forum since its existence, including to execute a major reform in early 2013 that one of the effects were the establishment of this Forum. Indokistani Federal referendum, 2013 also begun from the discussion started on this forum. The Forum had its extraordinary meeting in July 2014, when all of its members meet physically rather than to set the meeting in online platform as usual. In December 2014, Farhan Abbas became the only president to be appointed on an indirect election, as it was conducted inside the National Forum. The Forum itself also decided on the proposed dissolution of Indokistan in June 2016, which was supported by majority of its members.

Legislation process

According to the constitution, National Forum function was to create laws and regulations and to become an advisor for the president. National Forum also elects national president, that also runs as its head.

The process inside the forum were mainly based on popular consultation and consensus-based decision making. Popular consultation because all proposals made by government and individuals should be announced in the forum and be responded from all members if they support it or not; consensus-based because a proposal will not pass if a final consensus is not achieved, or the decision was not yet made. Due of this, several laws failed to be passed because no respond gained when that proposals announced on the forum.

The forum was hosted mainly in social networking website chatroom and in mobile chat application, which makes the forum is exclusively private and closed for another non-member individuals. The name "Fornas Indokistan" always used to name the chatroom.

There were no time restriction on the Forum, so discussion about anything related about the nation could be started by anyone and on any time. All participants also can reply and respond the message at the same time.

Any actions will be take by the executive as result from the forum session must be announced immediately to the forum. Participants also able to use their veto rights to cancel or oppose on the actions taken by executives.


Members of this forum were all active registered citizens that owns an account of respective social media used as host of discussion room - to get to the discussion room. Members also can represent another peoples vote if they lack of access to the discussion room, to make their vote to be count.

President was the head of the national forum, which he can controls and moderates the entire national forum activity, and able to call for meeting.