Fairlane Dynamics

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Fairlane Dynamics
Traded asFDYN
PredecessorRaflesinesian Aerospace,ltd.
FoundedSeptember 2013
FounderRayhan Haikal
Newstiltson (HQ), Sutton Intermicronational Airport (Production)
Number of locations
Area served
ProductsFixed-wing Aircrafts, Rotorcrafts, Rockets
4,765,022,671 NKR
ParentGlouster-Doncaster Group, ltd.

Fairlane Dynamics (CSNX: FDYN) is an Indokistani private company specializing in aerospace and defense. It's the only aircraft manufacturer in Indokistan, and second in Indonesian micronation (the first one being Dirgantara Los Bay Petros). In the past, this company specialized in parts manufacturing for old MD-11 and conversion for Boeing 737s. Today, the company can manufacture fighter aircraft, passenger aircraft, parts of any aircraft and aircraft conversion.


Fairlane Dynamics is formed from 2 words, first is Fairlane from Ford Fairlane lineup. The other, Dynamics, came from an American company called General Dynamics.


In October 2012, 10 months after the independence of Raflesinesia, The board discussed about manufacturing sector to strengthen the economy of the country. Rayhan thought about an aircraft manufacturer and formed a company called Raflesinesian Aerospace. When the nation reunites, the company still beared the same name until August 2013. Before the annual Indokistan EXOFair, Rayhan changed the name of the company to Fairlane Dynamics. The company acquired from independence by Glouster-Doncaster 1 year after reunification.


Fixed Wings

There are several fixed wings aircraft that were successfully produced by Fairlane Dynamics. Most of them are military transports, fighters and regional aircraft.

Fixed Wings Products
Aircraft Notes
Airbus-Fairlane KC-330 A tanker version of Airbus A330, converted from RF-TCN and RFX9756.
Airbus-Fairlane A330MRTT/MRTT-F A licensed version of Airbus A330MRTT and freighter version
Boeing-Fairlane KC-757F Tanker conversion of Air Centrino's Boeing 757-200
Boeing-Fairlane 737-AV-EWACS Command and Electronic version of Boeing 737-900
Boeing F/A-18 Licensed built
Fairlane Agincourt Mk.500 Bomber re-production version of Argonaut aircrafts
Fairlane Bratislava Mk.760 Transport Aircraft, based on Boeing 777-200
Fairlane Sevastopol Mk.20 Light and COIN attack aircraft, Mk.27s are JSF.
Fairlane Sonora Explorer family Proposed regional jet with 155-250 passengers, DED in progress
Fairlane Strasbourg Mk.80/Fairlane Saguenay. A 450-seater long range aircraft concept (Saguenay), the transport military version of it (Strasbourg)
Fairlane-Supermarine Spitfire Re-production version of Spitfires