Provisional Government of Indokistan

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Provisional Government of Indokistan
Pemerintahan Sementara Indokistan
Coat of arms
Motto: Bersatu, Berjaya, Berdaulat
Anthem: Serdadu Indokistan
LocationAlbania, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, and Micras
Official languagesIndonesian and English
GovernmentPresidential unitary republic
• President
Mustafa Hakim
LegislatureNational Forum
EstablishmentJanuary 2013
Time zoneUTC +7
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Indokistani Third Republic
Federal State of Indokistan

Provisional Government of Indokistan (Indonesian: Pemerintahan Sementara Indokistan, or Pemerintahan Provisional Indokistan) was a period between January until July 2013 when Indokistani government established a provisional government under leadership of Mustafa Hakim. Throughout the existence of the provisional government, the authorities had paved the way to formation of current system of federal Indokistan, especially after a referendum in May 2013, which boosts the process. The provisional government ends their job after declaration of establishment of Federal State of Indokistan made and signed by elected president Tian Abdurrahman in 5 July 2013.



Royal Council Rebellion that led to the secession of Northern Indokistan province and departure of President Abdul Rasyid I caused instability inside the state which leadership was immediately took over by Mustafa Hakim. It was feared that another provinces may took similar actions, yet this was made ease after Tian Abdurrahman commitment to remain inside Indokistan. Seeing the moment as suitable to held several government changes and fueled by motivation to held presidential election, it was decided to estabish a provisional government in January 2013. The main task of the Provisional Government was to establish a reform inside several national affairs and to preparing for a new presidential election.

National Reform

During presidency of Abdul Rasyid I, there are several proposals on reform inside the country. The most notable were when Abdul Rasyid I's own "Five-years development plan" proposal, that warmly welcomed by public despite of radical changes proposed by him. His departure from Indokistan in December 2012 made the reform plan failed, but inspired the government official to held similar actions.

On political system, Indokistan was transformed to a presidential republic and direct democratic, realized by de jure dissolution of the position of Prime Minister and establishment of National Forum. A ban on political party was introduced, due to adoption of non-partisan democracy. A mechanism on recording law was also composed.

On administrative divisions, new nomenclature for the administartive division name was established, from the previously "province", it was replaced by "division. Raflesinesian Republic and Kingdom of Wirasena joined Indokistan as a province. Province of Bobodolands received autonomy status due to its special system, and it was splitted to form South Indokistan. To accomodate radical changes by its neighbor, four "Indokistani proper" provinces (Centralotus, Normandia, Slobodan, and Travenoras) united and form Central Indokistan.

Symbols Act was enacted by government in January 2013, the first law to manage national symbols. Indokistan also adopted new emblem and motto.

Federal Referendum

Presidential Election

Administrative divisions

Administratively, Indokistan is divided by 5 divisions, with departements as its second-level division, and divided by municipalities. Indokistan currently has 18 departements scattered over 5 divisions, each division lead by a governor responsible to the central government in Koskenniemi, Slobodan.

With initial 3 divisions left after the collapse of Third Republic, the provisional government plan on reforming divisions bureaucracy was successful. On February 2013, Republic of Raflesinesia joined Indokistan, becoming Cussex division, while on April 2013, Kingdom of Wirasena joined Indokistan to form Wirasena division.

End of Provisional Government

Following a successful presidential election and acknowledging the reform had ended well, Mustafa Hakim dissolving the Provisional Government authority in July 2015 and handed power to elected-president Tian Abdurrahman, at same time when he took his inauguration oath and declaring the establishment of the current Federal State of Indokistan in 5 July 2013.