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State of Madyaraksa
Negara Madyaraksa
Flag of Madyaraksa
of Madyaraksa
Coat of arms
Anthem: Berjayalah Indokistan
Patrioticheskaya Pesnya
StatusProposed country
Official languagesBahasa Indonesia
GovernmentFederal republic
• President
Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Rayhan Haikal
• Chair of the Integration Committee
Rayhan Haikal
LegislatureNational Forum
• Integration Committee established
August 2014
• Integration Committee collapsed
October 2014
• Total
643.43 km2 (248.43 sq mi)
Los Bay Petrosian Ruble
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62

Madyaraksa was the name of a proposed country that would be formed by merger of the Federal State of Indokistan and Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. The movement was started in August 2014 when "Madyaraksan Committee" (Indonesian: Komite Madyaraksa), an organisation founded by popular initiative advocating union between both countries, received endorsements from both countries official authority. The effort received popular acceptance since citizens of both countries join hands in promoting and supporting the unification. After months of political movements, the effor went down in late October 2014 after Los Bay Petros sudden inactivity and withdrawal from the Committee.


The name Madyaraksa came from portmanteau of two Sanskrit words, madhya and niraksha, which both means "middle" and "equator" respectively. But on the creation of the new name, it is find out that raksha also bear meaning, "protection". Thus the meaning is "In the middle of equator" or "in the middle of protection".

Decision to adopt Sanskrit-derived names was motivated by Mustafa Hakim and Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman's school strong tradition and fondness on Sanskrit language, as both of them attended the same school.



The concept first developed in 2012 after a successful union between Indokistan, Los Bay Petros, and Raflesinesia that was called LIR Union. Raflesinesian unification to Indokistan in February 2013 brought more motivation to the supporters of this concept, as LIR Union was no longer relevant since it only had two members left. Beside that, a dream of an "unified" LIR Union as single political entity may come true.

The concept also supported by fact that Indokistan and Los Bay Petros already in a very close friendship and share many cultural and political similarities. A poll published by Indokistan News Network in 2013 showed that most correspondent asked on countries comparable to Indokistan, answered Los Bay Petros. Supporters of the union claimed that the unified Madyaraksa will pass an easy readjustment in micronational world.


Political structure

Since the very start of the talks, political structure of Madyaraksa was a major issue. It was decided from the first place that the country would be a federation. A later proposal on political structure was to create a collective leadership comprising heads from constituent states, Indokistan and Los Bay Petros.

Administrative divisions

A map indicating location of Madyaraksan proposed joint capital

On an arrangement set by the supporters of the concept, if both nations united with the same divisions arrangement, then it needs adjustment. Indokistan can retain its current division because each states originated from different countries that joined Indokistan, resulting in a obvious separation that was no need to be changed. Los Bay Petros, with its 23 states needs readjustment, either by reducing its landclaims on inactive regions or by merging of states.

It was agreed that Madyaraksa will have Indokistani Slobodan and Los Bay Petrosian Labstadt as joint capital, in later time will be united as a single city.


Madyaraksan Committee proposed a totally new identity and opposing any symbols combination from two countries merged, since they believed that both nations "started a new page of their live", thus old symbols cannot be used. Before the end of the committee, a flag was already made official.

Madyaraksan flag

The flag was a maroon with a yellow strip in the middle part and two stars, symbolising Indokistan and Los Bay Petros, on the lower right part of the flag. The star was located in the lower part of the strip, symbolizing the country's position under the equator. Maroon was agreed as a national color.

Foreign relations

The main foreign policy of Madyaraksa is that the new Madyaraksa will automatically continued relations with foreign nations and organisation only if both Indokistan and Los Bay Petros having relations on said nations or organisation. If relations only executed by one of its members, it needs legislature consent to continue it.


Madyaraksa committee runs from August 2014 until September on the same year. Despite of initial support, Los Bay Petros suddenly cuts all diplomatic talks on the committee and withdraw all delegates from there. The cessation of the discussion process caused confusion in Indokistan, primarily because it is now no longer clear if Madyaraksa will really be establish or not.

Since end of October 2014, criticisms began to arise, as the supporters began losing heart on the Madyaraksa and even turning against the unification. Oppositions demanded that Indokistani government should withdraw from the entire process of the discussion and cancel all support for the unification idea. In February 2015, as Los Bay Petrosian status of membership inside Association of Indonesian Micronations was revoked, it was clear that the fate of the union proposal was failed.