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Types of government

Republicanism is a term that traditionally refers to the system of governing a nation without a Monarch - a Republic - usually with an emphasis on Human liberty, individuality, rule of law and in many cases Democracy. Most states adhering to the ideological systems of Republicanism also include Constitutionalism into their ethos, binding the government to a series of laws and organisational principles. In different parts of the world, Republicanism can represent different ideals. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for example, Republicanism refers almost entirely to the abolishment of the Monarchy and the creation of an elected head of state in place of the Monarch. In the United States of America on the other hand Republicanism often refers to the political ideology practiced by the Republican Party and similar groups.

Republicanism is a popular ideological system in the micronational world, though it is difficult to determine whether Republicanism is preferredto Autocratic Monarchy or Feudalism. Though a Republic does not need to be democratic by any means, it is somewhat uncommon to encounter a Republican state that operates as a presidential dictatorship or oligarchy.