Adviser of the President of Indokistan

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Adviser of the President of Indokistan
Penasihat Presiden Indokistan
ResidenceJumstraad, Travenoras (last)
AppointerPrime Minister
Inaugural holderFarhan Abbas
Formation16 September 2011
Abolished16 October 2011

Adviser of the President of Indokistan (Indonesian: Penasihat Presiden Indokistan) was a position reserved for advisory function for the President and Prime Minister of Indokistan. The position was established in September 2011, with Farhan Abbas as the only title holder. It was abolished during De-Farhanization in October 2011, when Farhan was ousted from all official positions and no successor was appointed.


After his inauguration in 16 September, Prime Minister Mustafa Hakim declares his new cabinet, while at the same time also declares former president and Indokistani founder Farhan Abbas as presidential adviser. His decision to establish the position was mainly to support political transition for the new president, Dicky L. K., which he believed still need such figures. At that time, Indokistani citizens' expectation on Farhan remain high, which eased Mustafa to legitimise the title, while promising a beneficiary relationship among them.

Despite the office title denotes that the holder is the president's advisor, it was appointed by the prime minister, though not a cabinet member. President Dicky reportedly never utilised Farhan's advisory function, though he still acknowledging the title.

In reality, Mustafa instead became the advisor's "main client", with almost all major government decisions were made with the advisor's guidance. Farhan was always invited to cabinet meetings and was told to comment on cabinet proposals.

Merely a month after the office's establishment, the relationship between Mustafa and Farhan turned sour when Farhan suddenly became hostile on Mustafa. The feud became more intense and culminated in the enactment of De-Farhanisation policy in October 2011. The policy resulting in Farhan's ousting from the position and disbandment of the title, as Mustafa tried to present himself as an independent and capable leader, with no external support and influence necessary.

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